After The Breakup With Bobby Boyd, Josh Flagg Cuddles His New Boyfriend

Andrew Beyer, a fellow real estate agent who recently split from his husband Bobby Boyd, is Josh Flagg’s new boyfriend, according to the Bravo star’s Instagram post.
The relationship between Josh Flagg and fellow real estate agent Andrew Beyer “just happened organically,” he previously said, after announcing his divorce from Bobby Boyd.

Bobby Boyd Ends His Relationship With Josh Flagg After He Hugs His New Boyfriend

When Bobby Boyd, the star of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, revealed that he and ex-wife Josh Flagg were no longer together nearly three months ago, the internet went wild.

On May 29, Josh posted a percentage of himself and the man’s real estate agent on his grid, with their hands clasped around each other and a beautiful seaside in the background.

After The Breakup With Bobby Boyd, Josh Flagg Cuddles His New Boyfriend

Josh wrote “I love” in the most heartfelt way possible

In the past, the two have been viewed as a single entity on social media. In April, Josh re-posted a friend’s Instagram Story showing him and Andrew leaning in for an intimate moment, which was confirmed by Josh.

The following month, they posed for a group photo at the Beverly Hills Hotel, where they were looking for friends.

Josh, 36, admitted to courting a new person a week after announcing his divorce from his long-term partner.

While he didn’t call Andrew at the time, he revealed that he and Andrew first met professionally five years prior, but they didn’t develop a romantic relationship until his marriage ended.

When he received the package in March, he noted that it arrived “more than one week after Bobby and I split.” The rest is history.” “It all started with a date. We came to the conclusion that we had been treated fairly and were grateful for all the little things.

It was also stated that Andrew, 23, is the only person he has ever dated that led to the breakup, according to the real estate mogul.

When Josh married Bobby, an actual estate agent, last year, he learned that he had returned to the market in an Instagram post on March 4.

Rather than burying the headline, Flagg argued, “I felt I ought to be obvious from the pinnacle.”

It’s no longer an impulsive or hasty decision, as Josh explained in his post. Prior to making this decision, we had been “very considerate.”

He went on to say, “It was no longer a lack of affection, but rather the two of us developing in separate directions and seeking out different things for ourselves. ”

Bobby is a dear friend of mine, and I have nothing but admiration and love for him. “I want how we break free to represent that.”

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