Fox News Ainsley Earhardt And Sean Hannity Are Rumored To Be Dating; Sean Hannity’s Wife’s Name

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Sean Hannity is a well-known radio host and political commentator in the United States, having joined Fox News in 2009 as a host. In addition to being a well-known personality, his current girlfriend is also a well-known face on the conservative channel that he hosts. As of 2022, he is 60 years old and was born in New York.

Exactly Who Is Ainsley Earnhardt?

Ainsley Earhardt graduated in journalism from the University of South Carolina in 1999. She was named Columbia Metropolitan Magazine’s Person of the Year for her reporting in Columbia, South Carolina (via The Famous People). Her daughter Hayden was the subject of two of her children’s books that she co-wrote with her.

Fox News Ainsley Earhardt And Sean Hannity Are Rumored To Be Dating; Sean Hannity's Wife's Name

According to reports, Ainsley Earhardt and Sean Hannity have been dating since the start of 2019. Earhardt has been married twice before. Hannity and Earhardt were spotted arriving at a party in a helicopter just days before the 2020 presidential election. Her TV agent is Hannity’s lawyer.

Ainsley Earhardt Husband

Both of Ainsley Earnhardt’s marriages ended due to infidelity reports. When she married her college sweetheart Kevin McKinney in 2005, they divorced in 2009 after rumors surfaced that McKinney was an unfaithful husband (via Heavy).

Earhardt gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Hayden, in 2015 after marrying Clemson quarterback Will Proctor in 2012. Proctor cheated on Earnhardt with one of his closest friends after three years of marriage, a claim he vehemently denied.

Sean Hannity’s Marriage

Sean Hannity and Ainsley Earhardt have been married before, so it’s worth mentioning again. A two-year relationship between Sean Hannity and Jill Rhodes led to their marriage in 1993. In 2019, 20 years after they were married, the couple divorced.

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Rhodes was warned by many people, including the pastor who officiated their wedding, not to marry a New Yorker. As Hannity wrote in his first book, which he dedicated to members of his family, “Because of them, I’m able to put up with this crazy work schedule. I can’t even begin to express how much my life would be incomplete without them. They make everything worthwhile. They truly are a gift from God.”

However, despite the fact that they are no longer married, Rhodes’ brother is still employed by Hannity and the family still gathers for holidays. He was replaced by Ainsley Earhardt as the Fox host. As a result, Hannity revealed for the first time his divorce to the general public.

The divorce of Sean’s ex and the beginning of a new relationship appear to have made him happy. Even though it is new to them, he and his girlfriend continue to live their lives according to their own customs. In Tranquility, Sean lives with his ex-wife, who has two children from a previous marriage.



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