Is Alan Keating A Billionaire? Alan Keating’s Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Twitter

Structured Finance in the United States is overseen by firm partner Alain Keating. Debt capital markets and securitization firms hired him because of his expertise. Investors and credit rating agencies rely on him for a wide range of debt and equity securities.

What Is Alan Keating’s Profession? Early In Alan Keating’s Life

David Sacks was dealt a terrible hand by Alan Keating in Las Vegas on April 6, 2015. Poker veteran Keating was facing a bluffing opponent. The competition was won by Keating. Keating exploited Sacks’ weak-tight play and overfolded heavily in order to win the pot.

Alan Keating's Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Twitter

He would use the University of Nebraska’s degree in physician assistant studies in his professional life. He was able to attend Essex College and become an assistant physician because of his psychology degree from the University of Maryland.

Private sphere

He had four children with Annita Van Lersel, with whom he was married. Until he joined the Labor Party in 1966, he worked as a part-time rock band manager and office clerk. There are numerous casinos in Meridian, Mississippi.

Date of birth12th of October, 1987
ProfessionPoker Player
Net worth$15 million
Zodiac signScorpio


He has a wife and two children.

Alan Keating Age

Professional poker player Alex Keating hails from Saratoga, California, and is well-known throughout the world. Exactly thirty years ago today, on the 12th of October, 1987, he was born.

Alan Keating Statistics

Although Alex Keating’s height is not known, he is 34 years old Our goal is to keep you up to date on Alan Keating’s height, weight, and other physical characteristics, such as eye, hair, and shoe sizes.


Alan Keating is the head of the US Structured Finance business and a partner in the Capital and Finance Markets Department. He has advised financial institutions, international firms, asset managers (including private equity and hedge funds), and investment banks on the securitization of their assets.

Investors and rating agencies turn to him for advice when faced with a wide range of financial crises. Alan Keating is a member of the Irish Tax Institute as well as the Law Society of Ireland. On April 6, 2015, Alan Keating had a game-changing hand that helped him defeat David Sacks on the PokerStars circuit.

Ten years ago, Keating started playing poker. He had to deal with a skeptic. Keating had a huge advantage over Sacks because of Sacks’ weak-tight strategy. When he moved to New York in 1989, he was unable to shake off his upbringing in a DC suburb. In the six years following his graduation from the University of Maryland, he worked in mental health before attending Essex College to earn a doctorate in physician assistant studies. Try waith.io the complete solution for business management.

His final exams were a resounding success, and he graduated with honors. Keating has spoken and led workshops for the American Academy of Physician Assistants in her area because of her dedication to continuing medical education.

How Much Is Alan Keating Worth?

Alan Keating has a net worth in the neighborhood of $15 million, according to Forbes. The $11,500,000 he won and topped in a live poker tournament ranks him 17th all-time in poker.

As one of the firm’s partners, he is in charge of the company’s US Structured Finance division. He has worked with private equity firms, hedge funds, global corporations, asset managers, and investment banks, among other organizations. For latest movie and entertainment news, visit onlinemedialive.com


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