Is Alexa Bliss Married To Ryan Cabrera? More About Their Relationship!!

The recent dating news of Ryan Cabrera and Alexa Bliss is now going to a new level. Moreover, the exclusive news about the celebrity couple gave hints that the singer cum songwriter tied the knot with the WWE star.

Alexa Bliss And Ryan Cabrera’s Dating History, Marriage Plan

Bliss finally opened up about their wedding in public and announced that the whole ceremony was not traditional. Furthermore, the theme of this wedding was “Rockstar.” This was something very unique to be seen in any wedding.

Alexa Bliss And Ryan Cabrera's Dating History, Marriage Plan

Alex has also shared glimpses of the wedding day on her Instagram account. So, the continuing relationship finally got its destination. On being asked, Cabrera told the media that the theme was to bring out the specialties of the characteristics of the couple. Hence, everything which they liked was present in the venue.

Interview At The Podcast

In 2020, Alexa Bliss felt free to disclose the beautiful moment she first bumped into Ryan Cabrera. She also mentioned the name of Michael Gregory Mizanin, who was responsible for this meeting. It is highly interesting to know that the famous wrestler did not agree on the first attempt when Cabrera asked her out.

After hearing from Miz, the two started talking with each other. Ryan expressed his wish to go out for a date with her after one of his shows. Surprisingly, the two bonded very well shortly. Alex also found him to be very patient and generous. So, finally, they became a loving couple.

Bliss and Cabrera started dating in 2019. However, within 1 year, they decided to get engaged. It was one of the finest decisions they have ever made for both of them. The famous date on which Ryan proposed to his lady love was 15th November 2020. Soon after that, the couple announced the official engagement.

Live Chat Confessions

Alexa conducted a live chat on her Instagram handle and stated the awesome song Cabrera wrote for her. This song played in the background when the talented singer proposed to the beautiful wrestler. Ryan also disclosed how eagerly he had waited for this day for 38 long years. It was a dream moment for both of them.

In the live chat, Bliss also told the audience that the topic of marriage came up on the second date itself. It showed how serious Ryan was about their relationship. Finally, The D-Day arrived on 9th April 2022. The wedding venue was Palm Desert’s Kempa Villa.

It was mesmerizing when Alexa walked down the aisle in the pretty white wedding dress with Cabrera’s special song playing in the background.

In his Instagram post of Ryan, he uploaded the video of his proposal and wrote a few magical lines expressing his feelings for Alexa. Every word in this post was heart-touching, indeed.

Bliss also expressed how Cabrera is eager to do anything to bring a smile to Alexa’s face. They never hesitated in sharing their special moments with the public. Every such public instance was heartwarming.

At the wedding, millions of fans of the couple sent their heartiest congratulations from various parts of the world. The wedding ceremony was, however, not much crowded as the couple preferred a theme party with only the near and dear ones.


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