Alison Brie Reveals She Almost Went Blind At Seven- Years Old After Suffering Concussion

When Alison Brie was seven years old, she came dangerously close to losing her sight. During a recent appearance on the podcast titled “Hypochondriactor,” the former ‘Community’ star stated that she “was hysterical” when she woke up after sustaining a concussion on the playground at school and that she couldn’t see anything when her father picked her up to take her to the hospital. It occurred after she had suffered a concussion on the playground at school.

The Incident Is Described By Alison Brie As Here

On Wednesday (11.05.22), the 39-year-old revealed the following to presenters Sean Hayes and Dr. Priyanka Wali. They had previously cautioned that it was preferable to remain alert after a possible concussion: “When her dad came home, She didn’t recall anything more that happened.

Alison Brie Reveals She Almost Went Blind At Seven- Years Old After Suffering Concussion

The next thing they remember, they were riding in the trunk of her dad’s vehicle when suddenly, there was a loud bang. They can’t make out anything at all. It’s like how everything is dark when you shut your eyes, but you can still make out hints of light and shadows here and there.”

“They couldn’t stop laughing. Then burst into uncontrollable sobs because they could feel the making an effort to spread my eyes as much as possible. It was not related to computers. And they believe that, too, was a contributing factor to the hysteria, which was like, “Oh my God.” Such as concluding that they were blind.

Then, after some time had passed, they thought, “Now maybe they are simply blind?”
Informed her that if “her vision doesn’t come back in 12 hours, she will likely be blind again for the rest of her life.” The accident occurred after Alison Brie to the car’s floor.”

Alison shared her thoughts, saying, “they know they ran the CAT scan on you and assumed they did put them out because they were too distressed.”
They informed the parents that if their daughter’s eyesight did not return within the next 12 hours, she would remain blind.
On the other hand, the star of “Promising Young Woman,” who is now married to the actor Dave Franco, got her happy ending and her sight back.

“The next thought that crosses the mind is that they have awakened. It’s been around 10 hours since we started. They are lying in a hospital bed when they come to, and their parents talk to the medical staff. As though they were laughing themselves silly when they said, “Can you see me?” To me, and at this point, you don’t remember it.

You should know that it cheers you to wake up in this hospital bed. Brie said that she finally proceeded to have a CAT scan, which revealed something that no parent ever wants to hear about their child: “If her eyesight doesn’t come back.

The actress said that she recalled waking up in her bed. Around ten hours had gone by since the first incident, and she remembers her parents frantically asking her if she could see them as they rushed to her bed to check on her.


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