Amber Heard And Johnny Depp Trial; Their Statement Make The Situation More Delicate

In one of the most important and interesting litigation going ahead in Hollywood, it becomes important to mention the critical facts of the same. This controversy includes the recent trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

Amber Heard And Johnny Depp Statements Related To Their Trails!

This case revolves around a couple in which the wife has accused the husband of domestic violence, and the husband has accused the wife of unnecessarily defaming him. There has been a huge controversy associated with this high-profile Hollywood case.

Amber Heard And Johnny Depp Statements Related To Their Trails

The trial between these two has been continuing for the past 6 years. Despite having spent such a long time, the matter has not been settled. Instead, the issue is getting more complicated and bad for now. Things have not at all settled between the couple.

After every hearing, they both have even started making unofficial statements in the media. This has made the situation even more delicate because a parallel media trial has also begun. This is to complicate the issue further.


Amber Heard is responsible for initiating this entire chaos. She was responsible for having blurted out the statement that she was a victim of domestic violence and sexual abuse during the subsistence of the marriage. This statement was made after the cross-examination in the Court was over.

This was technically the infringement of the proceedings of the Court and dishonor of the Court in the first place. She was responsible for making all the official statements public, which she has already admitted as evidence in the Court of law.


It was only after the high violation that Johnny also crossed his boundary. He also made an official statement in the media that his wife did not enjoy a good character and a good reputation. This has further aggravated the issue between them.

It is likely to Complex the matter to a great extent because they are trying to extract the personal factors of the relationship with the media. The media is again responsible for distorting the facts and producing the same for the public to create more controversies.

Further course of action

Despite many kinds of public warnings and even the official warning from the Court of law, they both have not prevented themselves from undertaking such kinds of activities. It is important to mention that this is the best example of how matters can become more complicated by making them public without any reason.

This is not acceptable because the official trial is taking place in the Court of law, and only the Court has the jurisdiction to decide what is correct and what is not.


If they both continue making these kinds of comments about the official trial, the possibility is very unlikely that the matter will be settled instantly. Even it has become a drawing-room matter of discussion for everyone now because so many comments and statements have been made.

This is not acceptable in the first place because it is trying to reduce the competency and the respect of the court in the first place.


It is expected that they both would understand their mistakes and accordingly attempt to rectify the same in the minimum amount of time before it is too late. This will help in solving the matters as soon as possible.


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