Amy Schumer Reveals Why She Fired Penn Badgley’s Wife Domino Kirke!

American stand-up comedian and actress Amy Beth Schumer are now revealing why she cut ties with her doula during her postpartum recovery.

Since Amy gave birth, she’s been sharing images of her postpartum period in order to let her admirers know what it was like to be a first-time mother. Domino Kirke, Amy Badgley’s postpartum doula, has come out since she was photographed and published on social media with her husband Penn Badgley’s family.

Amy Schumer Open Up About The Firing Of Domino Kirke While Healing From Postpartum!

In an episode of Penn Badgley’s Stitcher that aired on Wednesday, Amy Schumer talked about her insecurities after welcoming her son Gene David into the world. It’s clear from the show that the doula, who was expected to play an important role during this time, let her down.

When Amy disclosed the truth about her doula, Domino felt like she had been treated unfairly by Amy. The c-section that Amy underwent with her son Gene was still affecting her recovery, according to her.

At the end of Amy’s pregnancy with Domino, the doula, she felt as though she was a goddess who floated over her house. Amy was overcome by her beauty and the tenderness of her touch. Moreover, Domino had become a beloved member of the family.

Amy Schumer Reveals Why She Fired Penn Badgley's Wife Domino Kirke!

Amy Schumer began to feel so exposed following Domino’s really reasonable approach. As she was in her postpartum period and was bleeding heavily, Amy wondered how she could keep a goddess about her and in her home while she was still bleeding heavily. Penn Badgley was told this by Penn Badgley.

In fact, she told Penn that she didn’t have the mental strength to enjoy the pleasure of having her doula in the house with them. After much soul-searching, Amy made the decision to keep Domino apart from her and her constant attention.

When Amy Schumer Gave Birth To Her First Child

In February of this year, Amy Schumer gave birth to her first child with her husband Chris Fischer, whom she married in February this year.

Soon later, they had their son Gene, who is now three years old; Amy expressed all of her feelings about her pregnancy on Instagram. She even addressed Kirke by detailing the doula’s care for her in her post at the time. Amy never failed to tell Domino how much she loved him.

As a result of Amy’s most recent Instagram post disparaging her doula, one of her mother-fans took to Instagram to express her feelings. She wrote something like, “What’s the problem with Amy’s doula?” in the post. To show her support for the doula, the mother wrote this.

She went on to say, “Amy’s doula appears to be doing a fine job. She went to great lengths to ensure that Amy felt safe and comfortable during her postpartum period. During the postpartum period, everyone craves a sturdy pillar-like hers.”

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