Antony Starr Responds To MCU Wolverine Fan Casting!

Antony Starr, who is known for his portrayal of the Home lander, recently responded to his fan casting as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Wolverine.

Antony Starr Responds To MCU Wolverine Fan Casting!

Wolverine has become one of the most popular characters for Marvel fans nowadays. All the fans of the Marvel Universe are sharing the pics of Wolverine nowadays in huge numbers on various social media platforms. Wolverine is all set to make his entry to the MCU along with other X-Men in the upcoming years.

Antony Starr Responds To MCU Wolverine Fan Casting!

 Daniel Radcliffe who is best known for his lead role in the famous Harry Potter series has responded several times to fan casts about using him as James Logan. Taron Egerton who is best known for his role in films like Rocketman and Kingman series too 

Have responded numerous times to fan casts. Fortunately, there is another popular superhero show on Amazon prime named ‘The Boys’ which has some more potential options. 

Karl Urban who played Skurge in Thor: Ragnarok has been used in fan casts for Wolverine in the past years. One of his greatest Co-stars is now finding himself in the mix for Wolverine and he offered a response for the same 

Antony Starr Reacts To The Fan-cast

Recently an Instagram user with the user name, @spdrmnkyxxiii shared a fan-made image of The Boys star Antony Starr as Marvel Studios’ Wolverine on his page. Along with the post, he wrote a caption praising Starr’s role in the Season 3 of The Boys.

In the caption, the user wrote,  “has the (mutton) chops to do the role well.”  It’s usually seen that celebrities don’t normally react to small pages but as soon as Antony Starr noticed the post by his fan he reacted to the post and commented, “oof my bones just ache thinking of the stunt work.” His comment on the post has received more than 583 likes. 

The Home Lander Is Not Ready For The Stunt Works

Reacting to the post of the fan Antony Starr commented that his bones just ache while even thinking of the stunt works in the film. Antony Starr has received a huge fan following after his much-loved role in Homelander.

In the first three seasons of The Boys, Homelander has been the biggest villain who was quite well appreciated for his role. But one thing is sure if Antony Starr plays the role of wolverine, a tremendous amount of stunt work will be required for this role. Though the character of Wolverine is very much similar to that of the actor’s role in The Boys still it would be a bit difficult for him to work out with the stunt part which is the prime requisite of the role.  

The role of Wolverine requires a different type of physicality and strength. Talking about his role in Superman, Starr’s role consisted of flying with ropes, punching people, and several other fight scenes. On the other hand, the role of Wolverine is an entirely new type of beast role which will need a different level of strength in the actor.

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