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Are Chip And Agnes Hailstone Still Married? Net Worth, Age!!

Chip is an expert hunter. He is comfortable with both a bow and arrow and a rifle, as well as his bare hands. His dad had taught him how to hunt, fish, and make crafts. The animals that he hunts are fox, bear, wolf, caribou, bison fish, wolverine, seal, walrus, duck, and whale. 

Are Chip And Agnes Hailstone Still Married? Net Worth Age, Real Name, Injury, Salary, Profile

The Chip and Agnes Hailstone pair are still together. They are celebrating their 30 years of marriage. Agnes is an Inupiaq native. Agnes was born in 1972 and comes from Alaska. They became close friends after their 1990 encounter in Noorvik. 

Are Chip And Agnes Hailstone Still Married Net Worth, Age!!

Age of Chip Hailstone

As of March 2022, the reality star Chip Hailstone is 53 years old. On May 8, Chip Hailstone was born in Montana, USA. His parents are Daniel Franklin Hailstone and Mary Lois. He was raised in Kalispell, Montana. He also picked up his hunting and fishing skills. The outdoorsman has always been fascinated by hunting.

He has always seen himself as a hunter. He didn’t anticipate staying in Noorvik, Alaska for very long when he first moved there in 1988 at the age of 19. But after being drawn in by the wildlife, the family made a home near the Kobuk River in Noorvik, Alaska. It is 19 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

Chip’s Children

Together, the well-known reality TV couple, Chip and Agnes Hailstone have five daughters. Their names are Tinmiaq, Mary, Iriqtaq, Caroline, and Qutan Hailstone. Chip was nevertheless able to send his girls to school. In 2016, Iriqtaq gave birth to Wade. Hence, Chip became a grandfather.

Real name

The real name or birth name of Chip Hailstone is Edward V. Hailstone. This name was given by his father.

Chip’s Injury

While residing in Alaska, Andy Bassich sustained a hip injury. This injury was fatal. He eventually developed two infections. These infections were in the bone and in the muscle, and they nearly killed him. Chip’s sibling is Willie. He made his screen debut in episode 7 of season 15. Willie identified himself as the taller and more attractive brother. Willie is a commercial fisherman. After 25 years, the pair entered the pond to enjoy fishing.

Age of Chip Hailstone

The brothers used to regularly go fishing. It was before they went to school when they were younger. They used to gather their equipment and head out again for a fishing trip after school. They made the decision to go fishing. They then believed it would be preferable to do it at -31 degrees. In an hour and a half, Chip and his wife climbed onto their snowmobiles and arrived at their destination.

Prior to Agnes understanding their brother Willie was not succeeding them, they turned around to see what was happening. He was screaming when they approached him. They later discovered that he was lying on a sled. Unexpectedly, the snowmobile crashed, and the incident led to him breaking his wrist. Later, Willie remarked that he was taken aback by how quickly the clip got him to the hospital and how terribly the injuries hurt him.


Chip Hailstone’s annual income is around $45,000. His pay per episode is nearly $4,500. Hailstone puts a lot of effort into his family. For their work on television, the entire family is adored. A family that endures harsh weather is featured in the documentary. His earnings are from Life Below Zero. This show is produced by the BBC and will air soon. The other members are Glenn Villeneuve, Sue Aikens, Andy Bassich, and Jessie Holmes.


Chip Hailstone is an American TV character. He rose to fame after being asked to take part in the National Geographic reality series Life Below Zero. In this reality series, he went with his family. He is renowned for bringing his family through the hard Alaskan winters. The well-liked show debuted in 2013. It has since had 18 seasons, as per the current update.

Net Worth

Chip and his wife are filthy rich. Their net worth is around $250,000 in total in 2022. Their reality show and the selling of animal parts generate the majority of their income.

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