Austin Butler Shares Advice He Got From Leonardo DiCaprio!

During the recent interview of Austin Butler, who starred in the recently released film ‘Elvis,’ he opens up about the time when he got a piece of very valuable advice from Oscar-winning titanic actor Leonardo Dicaprio while working with Baz Luhrmann.

Austin Butler Shares Advice He Got From Leonardo DiCaprio Before Working With Baz Luhrmann

Austin remarked that he was advised by Leo beforehand that while working with Baz, he[Austin] will see times when he will get pushed to his limits and wish to give up. But, Leo assured him not to give up hope in hard times like that as those moments will enable him to bring out talents that even he wasn’t aware of.

Austin Butler Shares Advice He Got From Leonardo DiCaprio!

The interview took place just after Elvis hit the treaters on the 24th of June of this year. The movie has gathered a lot of support and positive reviews regarding acting skills.

Later Austin remarked that Leo was right about it, and he is very thankful for the advice as it allowed him to perform to his best.

As per reports, Leonardo DiCaprio is said to have worked on two separate films with Baz before Austin. The films include ‘The Great Gatsby’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet’, both of which stars Leonardo.

Is Elvis Starring Austin Butler Good?

Many people who watched the movie right after it hit the theaters have given a lot of positive feedback regarding the acting skills and the storyline.

The movie involves the story about the ‘King of Rock and Roll’ and how to become the legend he is in his career.

The movie is a hit, and one of the major highlights is its grand scale. Reports suggest that the film was directed as per the vision of Baz Luhrmann himself, and he is quite proud of the movie.

Elvis Cast Members

Elvis also stars Tom Hank alongside Austin in the role of the Singer’s [Austin] Manager, who is known by the name of Colonel Tom Parker.

During an interview after the film’s release, Hank remarked about his thoughts on Austin acting in the main role of Elvis. He said Austin’s acting skills entirely convinced him that Austin would be the perfect match for the position.

Apart from both the actors, Elvis also started, 

Helen Thomson played the role of Elvis’s Mother named Gladys.

Richard Roxburgh played the role of Elvis’s father named Vernon.

DeJonge played the part of Priscilla.

The film hit the theaters on the 24th of June this year.

Who Is Austin Butler?

Austin Butler is an American actor as well as a model, along with being a singer. He is native to California and famously known for acting as Wil Ohmsford in the epic drama series ‘The Shannara Chronicles.’

As per his latest financial reports, he currently has a net worth of about four million dollars, and he is quite successful as an actor. He is also known for working with some of the best directors in Hollywood, including Baz Luhrmann.

Austin came into this world in August of 1991 and is thirty years old.

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