How Did Ben Affleck Propose To Jennifer For The Second Time? Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Are Back Together

The fans of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez will feel happy after knowing the second-time reunion of the couple. Moreover, the second engagement is really a marvelous incident altogether. The couple was very excited about sharing the special moments of the proposal with their fans and well-wishers.

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Engaged Again?

After splitting, the duo already shared some romantic moments for almost two decades. It was a great thing to witness when the old lovers understand their feelings and decide to give a second chance to each other. For Jennifer and Ben, this happened in reality, and their families are also very happy about this decision.

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Engaged Again

On the 8th of April 2022, Friday, the 52-year-old lady confirmed the news of her engagement with old partner Ben Affleck in a newsletter. Additionally, the immensely talented personality put an emotional video on social media to excite the fans more. She flaunted the incredible green diamond ring and announced that Ben was just Perfect for her. Another video was up on Twitter with the news of the grand engagement.

Exciting Story Of Second Time Engagement

Several sources revealed in December 2021 how eagerly the couple wanted to share their love story with the public. Moreover, they wanted an elaborate wedding ceremony with the presence of all their family members and close friends.

Although the celebration will be intimate, there should not be any vacuum in the merriment. The actress stated that she never thought it would be possible for her and Ben to get back together again.

However, the 49-year-old Affleck also had feelings emerging for his old love. The wedding date is also finalized, and it will be really exciting to watch the two taking vows finally after the last split.

The Past Of The Two

In 2002, the Oscar winner met Ben on the sets of Gigli. They started dating and even got engaged. November 2003 was the stipulated time for their wedding. However, several disturbances forced the couple to call off the marriage in the end.

Both Ben and Jennifer moved on with their lives and settled with different life partners. In 2004, Marc Anthony became the official husband of Lopez, and the couple had two children, Emme and Max. However, the marriage failed to work out, and then they divorced in 2014.

On the other hand, Ben also had three children, Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel, with his wife, Jennifer Garner. He also went into a divorce in 2015, So after the broken marriages, both of them were single.

Lopez, however, decided to take a chance with Alex Rodriguez. However, that relationship did not last long. But destiny brought the two ex-lovers close to each other, and they started dating for the second time.

The air of Los Angeles was full of love as the pictures of Bennifer, as the fans call them together, came to the limelight. The Marry Me actress expressed her excitement for the pink diamond ring that Ben gave her on their first engagement. However, the beautiful green ring is the center of attraction this time. It is an 8.5 carats diamond ring with a marvelous stone shining in the middle. The stunning sight mesmerized the fans also.


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