Billie Eilish’s ex-boyfriend Matthew Tyler Vorce, Confirms Their Breakup While Denying Cheating Allegations

They ended their relationship, despite the claims that Matthew Tyler Vorce had cheated on Billie Eilish. However, he denied the rumors that he was unfaithful to her in an Instagram post on Tuesday.

How Long Were Billie Eilish And Matthew Tyler Dating? It’s Important To Know Who Billie Eilish Is For.

Actor and writer Matthew Tyler Vorce, 30, and singer Ariana Grande, 19, were spotted together on a coffee run with the singer’s dog, Shark, earlier this month. As far as Billie Eilish’s personal life is concerned, she’s never been one to spill too much.

Despite the fact that she hasn’t addressed the rumors surrounding her relationship with Vorce, the vast age difference between the two of them has been noted by many.

If Matthew follows Maggie and Finneas on Instagram, it could be an indication that rumors about him and Billie are true, as they both follow back. Matthew also follows Maggie and Finneas, Billie’s parents.

A large age gap between Billie Eilish and Vorce has some fans perplexed while others are excited about the development. This guy is older than Finneas,” and other such statements are a constant source of amusement for the community.

He can act as an older brother or sister to them because he is seven years their senior. She cannot be groomed because she is over the legal drinking age of 18. According to rumors that Billie and Matthew are dating, many people have taken to social media to express their views.


“Nobody cheated on anyone,” he said on Instagram, announcing the end of their relationship. According to the actor, “Relationships come to an end. Here we are, at the end of the road. Misinformation and misinformation spread via the internet can have serious consequences.

They’ve contacted DailyMail.com for a response but haven’t heard back yet. Before their coffee date in April of last year, Matthew and Billie had been seeing each other.

Matthew Tyler’s Dating History!

When they worked together, they were able to keep their relationship a secret from anyone who might be curious about it. For them, public events and social media promotion were out of the question. A year ago, it was reported that Doja Cat and her boyfriend were “inseparable,” but since then, they have never been pictured together.

Photos of the newlyweds having a great time at Disneyland were published by DailyMail.com in June. California is where the park is located. Upon learning that Matthew had made homophobic and racist remarks on social media, the public was shocked.

As a result of offensive comments made in 2012, including calling someone “British Miss Piggy” and “Britney Spears,” an apology was required. For his IMDb profile, Matthew has appeared in several television shows and short films.

There will be a lot to look forward to for Billie Eilish devotees in July 2021, when her sophomore studio album, titled “Happier Than Ever,” will be released. In addition, recent months have seen media attention focused on the singer’s personal life. Because she is dating a 30-year-old actor, the singer is getting a lot of attention.


Billie Eilish plans to promote her new album, “Happier Than Ever,” with a world tour in 2022. The album’s name translates to “more joyful than ever.” 50 performances will take place across North America and Europe in the post-pandemic period. Let’s take a closer look at the person Billie Eilish is currently smitten with.

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