“He Made Me Feel Ugly,” Britney Spears Says Of Her Father Jamie!!

He Made Me Feel Ugly, Britney Spears Says Of Her Father Jamie

All-New Mickey Mouse Club and Baby One More Time gave Britney Spears a household name in 1998 when she was just eleven years old. Britney Spears has blamed her father and the man who raised her for making her less confident and for having sex less frequently in a recent blog post.

Britney Spears Accuses Her Father Of Ruined Her Sex Life

Jamie Spears is her father and the man who reared her. On May 3, an Instagram user shared a picture of himself as a young man. Her body image difficulties and how vital it is for her to be satisfied with her own body were discussed in the description. She claims she was advised she was in trouble while under her conservatorship “It’s impossible to have enough.

He Made Me Feel Ugly, Britney Spears Says Of Her Father Jamie

“I felt like I was starting to develop a sense of self-worth” around the age of thirteen, says the author. A rebellious child, I was always told to be beautiful and flawless due to my mother’s constant criticism. After this, I went wild and dirty and pushed myself to the edge. “But even in those rebellious days, I still felt sexy!!!” She writes at the beginning of the article.

On more than one occasion throughout my time in conservatorship, people have told me I’m too heavy to serve as a good example. I’ve had a negative experience of my own. This was one of the worst things that had occurred to me, and it still hurts.

Because he made me feel like I had to give him my all, no matter how difficult the task was. “That’s fantastic!” she exclaimed. My very core was torn apart by him.

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“When I was 13, a seed of self-assurance was planted in my heart. All of these things have been damaged by this, and so has my sex life, which has been ruined by this. When I doubted my ability and worth, it was him who did it.

Feeling attractive and appealing are two entirely different things. Even if it makes some people uncomfortable, even if it makes them feel weird, having hard dialogues is a good thing.

“I felt so much better about myself!” she exclaimed. What else is there to say?” My universe expanded when I stopped focusing so much on myself. That’s why I was beaming so brightly at the time.”

As of June 2021, she has regularly criticized a member of her own family. Britney Spears has shown her dislike for her mother, Lynne Spears, and her younger sister, Jamie-Lynn Spears, in a number of social media posts.

‘Honestly, it still astounds me every morning when I wake up how my family and the conservatorship were able to perpetrate such crimes against me,’ she said in November of that year in a letter to the editor.

It was gloomy and disgusting!” All of them, including my religious mother, should be put away for the crimes they committed against me.



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