Captain Marvel Is Given A Victorian Makeover!!

Captain Marvel Is Given A Victorian Makeover

Carol Danvers, who is famous for playing the role of Captain Marvel in the Marvel Universe, was quite surprised to see a suit design offered by one of her fans on Reddit last week. As per reports, the design suggests that even though she has gone through many changes with her appearance in the past, there are still endless possibilities to change her appearance for the better.

Victorian Ms Marvel

Captain Marvel, also known as Ms Marvel, is a character initially created in the Marvel Universe comics. The role is played by Carol Dancers, who became a superhero under compelling circumstances, and she has a fascinating history.

Captain Marvel Is Given A Victorian Makeover

Captain has lost her powers multiple times in the past, which has led her to become Binary and Warbird. Later in the Marvel Universe, these forms have their powers and got their own identity. 

After becoming Warbird, she later got her full powers back and again became Captain Marvel. Carol took up the role of Captain Marvel back in 2012, and since then, she has kept the designation of Ms Marvel. 

She is currently one of the most famous people playing Captain Marvel’s role. She even inspired many people, including Kamala Khan.

For a very long time, the cosplay designs are generally provided by Carol and her team of cosplay artists. 

Carol’s designs and openness to new ideas always cause the formation of various challenges. Here many fans submit their suit designs.

But, last week, a Reddit user named “Aknie” had proposed a new type of design, which kept the Marvel designers surprised and shocked. Aknie has given Captain an old and historic 19th century, Victorian-era look.

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The character has a look from the eponymous era during Victorian times. The most surprising part of the design is that it has gotten all the current designs that Captain wears on her but shifted to old 19th-century models. It is quite a rare scenario where an artist manages to bring a design backwards in time and still preserve its initial characters. It is the work which Aknie does.

The new design has the iconic, Vertical yellow V below the character’s neck, a Blue-Yellow-Red colour combination for the suit, and Carol Danver’s created sash but sifted to an old model with retro effects.

What does the Victorian Design Contains,

The new Victorian-era design was created by a Reddit user named “Aknie”, who has managed to take Captain’s costume to the 19th Century.

The new design has complete preserved some of the iconic parts of the outfit which she wears, including,

  • Sash.
  • Colour combination of Red-Blue and Yellow for the suit.
  • V shape, just below the neck.
  • Mohawk Hair, which Carol created.
  • Collar.
  • Ms Marvel’s gloves have been turned into their victorian era design.
  • A purse also has a design of the same colour combination as in the suit.

The user also has posted several pictures of the suit on Reddit itself, where this new design is on full display. As per an interview, Carol is surprised, as it is very rare for any cosplay artist to bring their characters to the past rather than being more futuristic.  She appreciates the brilliance and expertise of the user in creating such an exciting design.

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