Cheryl Burke Reveals Abortion Story After US Supreme Court Making Abortion Illegal

A landmark 1973 ruling by the US Supreme Court, Roe v. Wade, has been overturned by the Supreme Court as of Friday, making abortion illegal. The supreme court’s new statute gives individual states in the United States complete authority to allow or ban abortions. This has enraged the residents, who have taken to the streets in protest.

Numerous celebrities and media figures have joined the protests in response to the court verdict on abortion. She has recently confessed in a new TikTok video that she had an abortion at the age of 18 when she was an American dancer, model, and television host, Cheryl Burke In the face of the Supreme Court’s new regulation, the video has gone viral throughout social media.

Many Celebrities Raising Voices Against Us Supreme Court For Making Abortion Illegal

Dancer Cheryl Burke rose to fame on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, where she competed with the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Bruno Mars. In addition to being the first female professional to win the show twice in a row, she was also the first professional to do so.

Burke has appeared in 23 seasons of I Can Do That on NBC, where he even rose to the position of second. She even took over Abby Lee Miller’s spot on Dance Moms last year.

Cheryl Burke Reveals Abortion Story After  US Supreme Court Making Abortion Illegal

After a week of silence, Burke finally revealed that she had an abortion at the age of 18. This TikTok video was created to demonstrate her displeasure with the new rule. Burke opened up about her anxiety at the news that morning, saying that she was terrified. Even though she has no qualms or regrets about having an abortion at the age of 18, she is depressed nonetheless.

“If it weren’t for places like Planned Parenthood, I would have been a mother and I wouldn’t have been a decent mother, and I surely wouldn’t be sitting here with you now.”

Women’s rights are being eroded, she claims, as a result of a recent US Supreme Court decision. For the simple reason that it’s their body and their freedom that’s at stake, and no one else’s. And it’s up to each woman to decide whether or not to undergo an abortion. She even stated that she made the decision to terminate her pregnancy because she was going through a major life change at the time.

She explained that she used protection and was even on birth control to ensure her intercourse was safe. However, despite her best efforts, she became pregnant and gave birth to a baby who was two weeks old at the time of the abortion.

As she continued, “I remember driving up to Planned Parenthood and seeing anti-abortion protesters waving signs. That was traumatic.” That doesn’t even take into account the fact that you’re making it unlawful for us women to make this decision about our own bodies. It’s pure lunacy.

“It’s nobody’s business, and honestly, I’m happy that I made that decision,” Burke said at the end of the video. I’m not sorry or ashamed of what I did. Choosing to disclose it now doesn’t mean there was any guilt in it at the time.

Abortion rights have been expanded in more than 50 countries over the past two decades. Often, this is accomplished by emphasizing the critical role that it plays in preserving a woman’s life, health, and basic human rights.

The Supreme Court of the United States of America’s decision to overrule the landmark Roe v. Wade decision has sparked a fierce debate on abortion rights.

This new rule has been sharply criticized by a number of prominent conservatives and public figures such as US Vice President Joe Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Others include US President Joe Biden, US Vice President Kamala Harris, US former President Barack Obama, and Michelle Obama.

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