Chrissy Teigen And John Legend Go Makeup-Free In NYC With Their Kids

In the family images shared earlier during the day, she was dressed to the nines for her “very New York Weekend.” But Chrissy Teigen wholly modifies her look later on Monday as she and her handsome husband John Legend, 43, celebrated Memorial Day with their 2 kids in the Big Apple. In addition, the 36 years old model looked wholly relaxed as she went makeup-free prominently with her slim figure in the sporty black ensemble. 

In addition, she could be seen beaming ear-to-ear as she walked out with her family in the set of sleek black leggings and a corresponding black tank top. Chrissy stayed on the theme with the laceless black trainers, but beautifully she added some color to the low-key look with an oversize blue plaid flannel shirt, which she left unbuttoned so that it began to slide down on an individual shoulder decently. 

Chrissy Teigen And John Legend Spotted At new york City With Their Kids

The author of the cookbook had her brunette tresses tied back in a ponytail, and Chrissy blocked out the sun with the blank baseball cap. Whereas, her handsome looked a bit more cheerful in the black-and-white Hawaiian-style shirt with the black jeans and white sneakers, along with a gold extravagance wristwatch. 

Their cheerful daughter Luna is only 6 years old presently and looked adorable in the while polka dot dress decorated with the pink and purple floral designs with the addition of white sandals. Miles is 4 years old, was the spitting picture of his father and he had on a black graphic shirt featuring cartoonish spray paint cans, plus jeans and striking red Ugg boots. 


The entire family looked as if they were going on the adventure, as Luna brought along a scooter and Chrissy Teigen carried a backpack for her, meanwhile, Miles shouldered his own and carried a gray stuffed elephant. 

Not only has this, but the Sports Illustrated model also had a fuzzy mauve blanket draped over her arm, perchance to layout for the picnic or to keep her warm. 

Earlier during the day, she posted some sweet family images from her Memorial Day weekend across New York City. She hugged up with Miles and Luna while tucked into the entrance of the closed shop adorned with graffiti. 

The jet-setting family has been on the move presently, as they were across the pond in London just during the last week, where John performed an intimate show at the Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club.

The family has also been spending much of their present time across Las Vegas, Nevada, for John’s Love across Las Vegas residency at the Planet Hollywood.

The Shows Are Set To Go On All The Way In October

In an interview with E! News, Legend discussed what it was like to be living momentarily in Vegas, particularly with two little ones. ‘Miles and Luna love being here because one of their cousins lives here and my sister-in-law lives here.

‘So, they love coming here and we always have a respectable time here,’ Legend said.


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