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Kate Bush, the renowned British singer, and songwriter, now becoming a center of attraction at the MCU. This all happened right after ‘Stanger Things,’ the original Netflix series, released season 4 featuring the track of kate, done in the year 1985. 

Kate Bush’s Music Almost Became A Part Of The MCU

Her song ‘Running Up That Hill’ from the album ‘Hounds of Love’ is now getting vast views after being featured in Netflix’s Stranger Things season 4. The fact is that the song got its first release 40 years before and is now trending as the top song on the UK chart. Thanks to the director Shawn Levy, the director of Stranger Things 4, for bringing back the track with huge popularity.

Christian Bale Reveals Kate Bush's Music Scene Got Cut From The 'Thor Love And Thunder'

Christian Bale, who stars in Thor: Love and Thunder as Gorr the God Butcher, recently revealed an untold story about kate that the director Taika Waititi was actually planning for a dance scene inspired by Kate Bush’s Music but finally changed the plan. It seems bad luck to the entire crew!

Bale planned to do a whole dance with Taika for the track of kate. But nothing worked, and they didn’t get the chance to shine. When the final film was out, Bale realized that the dance scene was not stuffed in any phase of the filming schedule. 

Kate’s song and popularity skyrocketed again right after the release of Stranger Things 4. The track ‘Running Up That Hill‘ currently took the 4th slot on the Billboard Hot 100. 

In a recent blog post shared by Kate Bush, she clearly expressed her current overwhelmed state by her song’s new life and energy the track transferred to millions of music lovers’ hearts. 

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One of the main female characters ‘Max’ who always follow the track via her headphone in the series, brought this track out again in such a deep spreading positive light. The Duffer brothers, producers of Stranger things, also got wide acceptance for taking over the courage to include such an old track into their new series.

Bush never forgot to mention the Duffer brothers for their courageous move to bring the song back into people’s lives. She also thanked them for giving her track a fresh start among Gen Z.

The Stranger Things 4, released on Netflix recently, was a much-awaited series by the viewers after its fruitful three seasons. The vast fan circle of Stranger Things made this song famous once again. The viewers keenly noticed the track, which has been brought into the emotional sequence of the story filled with love and fear. The power of love between the female character ‘Max’ and her friends has successfully been expressed using the song by Kate Bush.

The Stranger Things 4 seems to be taken by the world and is now playing as one of the Top 10 series on Netflix. All the previous seasons were also a hit, but the new one with the perfect track raised the rating to another end. The audience is anxiously awaiting the release of Stranger Things 5. 

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