Unheard Facts Of Cody Herpin, Jodie Sweetin’s Ex-husband!!

The ex-Husband of Jodie Sweetin, Cody Herpin is an American transport coordinator. Cody Herpin is popular for marrying ABC comedy series superstar Jodie Sweetin and later on getting a divorce with her. In this small article, we are going to discuss some of the unheard facts about Cody Herpin and try to take a look into the life of this Hollywood buzz. So without further ado, let’s get started. 

Cody Herpin’s Age, Height, Husband, Child, Instagram And All

Cody Herpin is a set designer by his profession and also acted as a key transport coordinator in Hollywood. Cody Herpin has also worked in various TV shows over the time such as Krerws and Dark Honeymoon.

Jodie Sweetin's Ex-husband Cody Herpin's Age, Height, Husband, Child, Instagram

Cody was born on 28th April 1977 in the city of glamour and casinos, Los Angles in the state of California. He lived a significant part of his life here and completed his schooling in Los Angles only. Cody Herpin met her lady love, Jodie Sweetin, at one of the sets he was working on and from there they get along quickly. 

While working in the American TV industry Cody Herpin has worked on many different projects and famous TV shows that lead him to be a considerably popular name among the TV show set designers and Transport coordinators.

Cody Herpin has also worked as a set dresser and a leadman in different projects of American daily soaps. Cody was known to work behind the scenes and take care of the shows without getting on screen. 

Cody Herpin And Jodie

On 14th July 2007, Cody Herin and Jodie Sweetin married each other and started their life together. Jody Sweetin and Cody Herpin did not wait too much before getting married and decided to get together within months of dating.

Jodie Sweeting was a methamphetamine addict and that resulted in the regular class between the couple during the later phase of their marriage life. The main reason for their failure as a couple was nothing else but the role of methamphetamine in their life. 

Cody herpin child

Cody Herpin and Jodie Sweetin also had a daughter named Zoie, for whom Cody have to fight in court for custody. Zoie is now grown to be over 14 years of age and a significant part of her school sports teams. Cody Herpin and Zoie have to have great chemistry together and Zoie regularly features on the social media handles of her father. 

Cody Herpin after getting the divorce from Jodie Sweetin does not have to have moved towards another relationship and trying to live a low-key life along with his daughter.

The regular photo shares between Zoie and Cody clearly state the fact that the love between the daughter and the father was the primary reason why Cody won the legal battle for custody of Zoie. Cody Herpin is not dating anyone as of now as per the sources and even if he is it’s still unknown to the industry. 

Cody helpin Net Worth

Cody Herpin has a total value in dollars or net worth you can say to be around 0.5 million USD. This former TV backstage expert is now living his life peacefully with his daughter. 


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