DaBaby Messages After Shooting Intruder! Shocking Revelation!

DaBaby is the coolest guy you will ever come across. He is the best man one can ever have in the whole life. He is super talented and unique in his way. But recent news and update about him are likely to add to your anxiety.

After Shooting An Intruder, DaBaby Sends Out His First Message!

He has been recently confirmed as the shooter of an intruder that came into his residence. It is believed that he did fire a nonlethal shot that hit the man in his leg. This news has been creating sensations all over the world. Ever since he narrated the entire incident, messages have been pouring from different parts of the world.

DaBaby Messages After Shooting Intruder

It also came to be known that after shooting the man in his leg, DaBaby called the police. He dialed the rapper at 911. That tape is now being distributed all over the world.

After the incident, when everything was settled, he had the guts to post on social media that everything was doing fine by now. This post was a major relief to many people who have been desperately waiting for another update.

Details of the event 

On Wednesday night, Dababy visited his Calfornia Mansion. While he was getting a drink for himself after playing badminton, he did feel the presence of an unwanted person. But initially, he tended to ignore it. He believed in his own house’s security system and was able to stay calm.

But soon after, when he sat down, he witnessed that the presence of security guards from his mansion was depleting. Nobody was responding to his command. This made him anxious. He decided to stroll over his property to come to know what exactly was going wrong.

What exactly went wrong 

While he just managed to go to the lawn, he heard some noise inside the dining hall. There was a commotion created. By that time, he knew that some intruders in the form of burglars had entered the house.

He was quick enough to go to his car, wherein the loaded his pistol. He dared enough to go inside the home, wherein he witnessed an intruder trying to break into the locker. There was a minor brawl between the two. The intruder seemed to get scared. He soon gave up and decided to pull himself off through the balcony.

How did he manage 

While running to the balcony, Dababy had already loaded his gun. By the time the intruder could leap, he was already shot down at his leg. He was bleeding a lot. He tried to run and shoot him back, but all his attempts failed.

A baby was conscious enough to call the police and hand him over to the intruder after giving all the essential details of the incidents. 


There was a possibility that something might go wrong with him. But by that point in time, Dababy had already called his lawyers, who had taken the plea of self-defense. The case is pretty settled now. The intruder has been taken into police custody. DaBaby recently posted that everything is going fine now, and he is safe. He is expected to have increased his security since then. 


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