Who Is RHOBH Diana Jenkins’s Fiance Asher Monroe Wiki, Biography, Husband, Age, Ethnicity, Family

Diana Jenkins, 49, is the most current individual from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast, and she’s clarified that she hasn’t arrived to play. The 49-year-old humanitarian has considered herself a “bad guy” and has most certainly become well known by making a plunge into the Housewives show.

Asher Monroe Wiki, Biography, Husband, Age

Diana dropped some huge news as of late, reporting on RHOBH that she is presently connected with artist lyricist Asher Monroe, 33. The couple invited a little girl, Elijah, in 2020, and appear to be truly content. Like special night stage glad.

Who Is RHOBH Diana Jenkins's Fiance Asher Monroe Wiki, Biography, Husband, Age, Ethnicity, Family

However, it ends up, that they’ve known one another for a really long time now. Asher Monroe Book (“Asher Monroe” is his stage name) has a great resume: He’s an entertainer/artist/performer from Arlington, Virginia, as indicated by his IMDB profile. Asher has been in a lot of stuff you’ve most likely seen.

Maybe most broadly, he featured as the all-out youngster heart breaker, Marco, in the 2009 reboot of Fame. From that point forward, he additionally played parts in the motion pictures Parenthood and Medium, and, surprisingly, showed up on TV shows like Dora the Explorer and Zoey 101. In this way, he sorts of squashed the early aught.

Asher’s latest acting credit is from 2010 when he showed up on The Mentalist. Furthermore, before that, he played Steve Williams on Parenthood. Presently, Asher for the most part equips all his imaginative energy toward his music profession.

Date of birth18 September 1988
Height5′ 10″ (1.78 m)
Weight70 kg
ProfessionActor, Singer
Net Worth$1.5 million
Zodiac SignVirgo

Diana Jenkins Wiki

She is a notable character as of now and individuals have been keen on realizing about her, yet today unexpectedly the entire world is looking for Diana Jenkins Wiki. A need to realize about her own life like her family, her total assets, and her pay, and a need to be familiar with her expert life.


Sanela Diana Jenkins is a splendid light on the planet. She is a committed mother, a giver, a cultivated business visionary, and a broadly regarded and steady voice for harmony whose experience of war is very private.


Brought into the world in Bosnia, and the oldest of two, her agreeable youth was unfortunately broken in 1992 when Serbia started its butcher and relocation of the nation’s blameless.

Family, Husband

According to data, her conjugal status is hitched. Her better half’s name is Roger Jenkins. She likewise has 3 youngsters.


Her birthdate is 1973 and her origin is Sarajevo, SR Bosnia, and Herzegovina, SFR Yugoslavia. She is 48-49 years of age.


Diana Jenkins’s origin and identity have a place with Sanela Dijana Ćatić. She holds the ethnicity of Bosnian.

Brought into the world in Sarajevo, Jenkins is the senior of two kids in a working-class Bosniak family. Her mom was a bookkeeper and her dad was a financial expert. She experienced childhood in the substantial block condos that portrayed socialist time Yugoslavia.

Jenkins concentrated on financial matters at the University of Sarajevo, however, the flare-up of battle in 1992 constrained her to escape her home and spend over a year in Croatia as an evacuee prior to emigrating to London.


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