Doctor Strange 2 Writer Confirms Talks About Iron Man Tom Cruise Appearances

The more Marvel Studios delves into the notion of the multiverse, the more they will be able to have a little fun with their audience by exploring the myriad what-if situations that the concept of multiple Earths opens up for them to consider.

Iron Man Tom Cruise Appearances In Doctor Strange 2

Starting with three separate Spider-Man actors sharing the screen may lead to nearly unlimited opportunities for cameos, fan casting, and perhaps one of the most famous casting choices in film history that never occurred.

Doctor Strange 2 Writer Confirms Talks About Iron Man Tom Cruise Appearances

They all knew that Multiverse of Madness would have many alternative Earth appearances. It eventually occurred halfway through the film during a pivotal visit to what to as Earth-838.

Strange to “The Illuminati” after being abducted by that Earth’s version of Karl Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor), which ultimately became a lengthy list of what-ifs from across the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s history.

 John Krasinski fulfilled fan-casting dreams everywhere as Reed Richards, and they to a fantastic Marvel television and film season.

Although the Earth-838 cast was impressive in their own right, rumors swirling around the time of the game’s debut hinted that much larger stars were in the works. There was speculation that everyone from Hugh Jackman’s Logan to Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool might make cameo appearances, including Tom Cruise. He for the role of Tony Stark during the early stages of the production of Iron Man.

Although fans were mistaken about the casting, Author Michael Waldron revealed that they were thinking along the same lines as he was in a wide-ranging new interview with Rolling Stone regarding anything Multiverse of Madness-related.

That was utterly untrue, Waldron said absolutely. “they mean, there isn’t any edited footage of Tom Cruise in this movie! But they like Tom Cruise, and they had inquired of Kevin about the possibility of getting Tom Cruise to play Iron Man. Ain’t It Cool News had an article about Tom Cruise being cast as Iron Man back in the day, and they remember reading it back then.”

According to Waldron, the persistent internet speculation of Cruise’s attendance was the driving force for his choice, who stated: “As it was being talked about online, they thought, ‘Yeah, that’d be awesome. Indeed, if that had occurred, it would have been fantastic.

If Tom Cruise had consented to appear in the MCU for a tribute to a casting choice more than a decade ago, no one would likely have heard the following five minutes of the film because they would have been too terrified to listen.

Despite the short talk with Feige, and Cruise, with the production of his next two Mission: Impossible films, as far as Waldron is aware, the film’s subject never came up.

In the end, Waldron said, “they  simply don’t believe it was ever a possibility because of availability.”

But, well, you never know. It’s many multiverses, to be sure. Perhaps Tom Cruise will reprise his role as Tony Stark in another film, with Joaquin Phoenix in the role of Doctor Strange and Yvonne Strahovski in the role of Carol Danvers.


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