Dragon Quest, Precure, Digimon Returns!! 1st New Episodes Since Toei Hack Next Week

Dragon Quest made so many mornings fabulous with the incredible episodes. Hence, the interruption of the show made several viewers upset. Recently, the makers have announced the come-back of the show by next week.

Dragon Quest, Precure, Digimon Release Date Confirmed

The anime industry is doing a great job in the current times. After Toei Hack, the fascinating anime series will return with a bang.

Dragon Quest, Precure, Digimon Returns!! 1st New Episodes Since Toei Hack Next Week

Precure, Digimon, and Dragon Quest will again entertain the audience with their fantastic activities. This is like a superb bomb of happiness for the die-hard fans of these anime series.

The Coolest News For Excited Audience

It has been almost two years that the shows are keeping the audience engrossed in the animated projections. Moreover, not the kids the adults enjoy the excellent series equally. But with the hacking of Toei Animation, things were not so good. It is a piece of great news for millions as the makers assured that they are going to come back with fresh episodes of Dragon Quest, Digimon, and Precure.

However, unlike the other two, Procure is a new addition to this group. Within a month, people became connected with the show. Some unexpected incidents forced the authorities to keep certain shows on Infinite Hiatus. But it became a setback for many regular followers. So, this announcement gave a ray of hope.

Overcoming The Damage

Toei Animation succeeded in making a special place in the hearts of the global audience. It is regrettable that it suddenly faced a crisis after doing so well for the past two years. The beginning of the year 2022 was not very happy for the company. The company made a drastic announcement about the hacking of its channel in March 2022.

So, only a few weeks back, Toei decided to create a bridge for the unexpected loss. To avoid such third-party intervention, the animation company put the new episodes of some anime series on hold. Therefore, the viewers could not watch their favorite shows for a long time. But after a week, things seem to be in favor of Toei Animation.

The production company is all set to resume the broadcasting of fresh episodes of all the anime shows. Along with some already popular series like Dragon Quest and Digimon, Precure will also amuse the viewers with fresh content. However, the company announced a repeat telecast of the 5th episode to help the audience catch the link this Sunday.

Moreover, Sunday is going to be super-exciting when Digimon Ghost Game is on air. The estimated telecast date for a new episode of Dragon Quest is the 16th day of April this year. Furthermore, the audience can also enjoy the 72nd episode of the show on Saturday.

Apart from the above three top-class anime series, the new episodes for other shows will also be there. Among them, One Piece Anime and Wano Country Best Selection are worth-mentioning. So get ready with your device to turn your day awesome. All the new episodes are going to bring immense happiness to the audience. The company has already expressed its gratitude to the audience for their constant support.


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