Elon Musk To Help Amber Heard Pay, Johnny Depp, $10.35m In Damages?

The famous lawsuit between Amber and Johnny Depp has finally been put to rest. As a background, it is important to mention that the cutest and the most adorable couple in Hollywood has been subjected to many ugly courtroom battles. The issue was initiated at the hands of Amber, who initially filed for a divorce against the famous actor Johnny on account of domestic violence charges. 

The Moment This News Was Broken Into The Media

The moment this news was broken into the media, her goodwill and the reputation of Johnny were impacted badly. This was able to defame and embarrass him to such an extent that he lost many of the upcoming projects under the banner of Disney, which was already assigned to him.

Elon Musk To Help Amber Heard Pay, Johnny Depp, $10.35m In Damages?

In addition, many web shows and movies also fell apart from his box. In such a situation, it becomes important to mention that Johnny also took action and filed a defamation suit against Amber to claim damages on account of the losses he had suffered due to the malicious prosecution. 

Proceedings And Verdict 

The courtroom battle did undergo a lot of twists and turns; there were many claims and disclaims. Many kinds of witnesses in the form of close friends and colleagues were produced by both parties to increase the credentials of the case. The fight between them continued for a considerable point of time. 

The Court also maintained different stands in favor of the parties. It was uncertain if any party could successfully establish the case to the satisfaction of the Court of law. But finally, the matter has been put to rest by the Court. After considering the list of evidence and the witnesses, the Court has ruled in favor of Johnny and against Amber. Almost the whole of Hollywood was celebrating after its win.


The Court has ordered Amber to withdraw from the case which alleged the charge of domestic violence against Johnny because he is innocent and, at the same time, it was the duty of Amber to compensate Johnny with the defamatory charges, which amounted to around 10.35 million dollars. The charges have been paid to compensate Johnny for the loss that he had to suffer on account of the accusations which Amber had brought against her.  

Latest event

In one of the latest upturn of events, it has now come forward that the damages amounting to 10.35 million dollars are likely to be paid by Elon Musk. This news has been able to raise the eyebrows of everyone. One of the most important questions raised is why Elon Musk is interested in discharging a huge amount of money on behalf of someone who had already wronged an innocent man. Elon musk had disappointed Johnny, who expected that at least he could act as a witness on account of being a close friend, but he did not do anything.



The step and the decision of Elon Musk to pay the damages on behalf of none other than Amber is a rumor and has not been confirmed for the moment. But even this has not been received positively by the people. They want to know the why of this. 

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