Episode 43 Of Super Dragon Ball Heroes: The Black Warriors!!

Toei Animation has finally published the highly anticipated Super Dragon Ball Heroes episode after an incredibly lengthy wait.

Episode 43 Of Super Dragon Ball Heroes: The Black Warriors

In the previous episode, all of the ongoing matchups were eventually revealed. Both Gokus came out on top in their respective battles.


All of the players who had lost their bouts had been dismissed, it was later discovered. After that, Trunks was ready to pounce on the black-clad warriors.

In Episode 43 of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, the storyline will be continued. In this sense, the following is a detailed summary of the episode:

Goku will be faced with the duty of preventing Xeno Trunks from engaging in a vicious combat in the future.

The black warriors may be shown later in the programme, and these individuals could very well be the ones who were kicked out in the first place.

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes, What Happens Next?

The start of episode two was revealed at the end of episode one. The show’s 43rd episode is titled “A Fierce Battle That Transcends Space-Time!” “In the Next Episode, Xeno Trunks’ Strategy Against the

Warriors in the Black Cloak Will Be Examined.” Aios was the former Supreme Kai of Time, since Goku and Piccolo recognised the black soldiers as familiar.

In the 43rd episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, the mystery of the black-clad warriors will be revealed.

These warriors must be those that failed to progress in the previous match, if Goku’s theory is right.

In addition, the next episode will focus on Trunks’ confrontation.

Summary Of The last Episode!

The 42nd episode of SDBH’s contest had only seven minutes left. The two Gokus were poised to face off as a result of their victory.

Yamcha was able to win this fight since he had already captured the Time Faries. Other candidates were not able to get any further in the process. Fighters wearing dark cloaks quickly encircled the arena.

All players who had not returned were deleted from memory, according to an even taller figure in an overcoat who came.

Trunks’ rage escalated to rage when he heard this, and he considered striking the commander.

The folks in the cloaks look eerily familiar to Goku and Piccolo. Aios intervened and put an end to the brawl. As the “Selector of Space-Time,” she announced herself.

Episode 43: The Super Dragon Ball Heroes Release Date

The Saiyans are once again in danger from the black warriors. The release date for Super Dragon Ball Heroes’ 43rd episode has yet to be determined.

In most situations, the release is verified a few days before the debut. The episode will premiere in April, according to this.

What is the location of the Dragon Ball Heroes television series?

The show’s Japanese language releases have been completed by Funimation, VRV, and Crunchyroll.


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