Fights Break Out After Someone Sprays Mace At SF Pride Crowd

Fights Break Out After Someone Sprays Mace At SF Pride Crowd

This year’s San Francisco Pride Festival was abruptly postponed and ended up taking place on Sunday instead. In order for it to be inspiring, everyone who was there had to face a terrible end. After someone sprayed mace near the stage, a fight broke out near the Civic Center. People gathered there were terrified and alarmed as the situation deteriorated. People fled in fear of an oncoming shooting because they believed there was one.

Fights Break Out After Someone Sprays Mace At San Francisco Pride Crowd!!

An on-the-go social media user got a live-shot video from a nearby building while documenting the event on their phone. The person who shot the video had only intended to share it on social media, but it ended up being a huge asset to the authorities in terms of verifying what had actually occurred.

Fights Break Out After Someone Sprays Mace At SF Pride Crowd

While the partygoers danced close, the footage shows a significant number of onlookers standing motionless.

The officers swarmed the area of Market Street and 7th Street as soon as the event was reported. They arrived at the scene at 5:25 p.m., but they were unable to locate any victims or witnesses. No other indicators of gunfire or attempts to shoot were reported by the officers on the scene, they said. They went so far as to say that the sound of breaking up the mace spray would be misunderstood by the public. The festival came to an end around 6 p.m. on Sunday.

What Went Down On The Stage Of The SF Pride Festival?

According to festivalgoers, the hip-hop side of the SF Pride stage was a favorite spot for them to watch the performances. Groups of people began fighting at random locations throughout the event grounds. The whole crowd started running when someone in the crowd stated they were shooting. Several people began to hide behind the clutter. Everybody started running again as cops arrived and started firing tear gas.

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Mace was sprayed into the audience at the Kaiser Permanente main stage by two parties engaged in a brawl. Fortunately, no one was wounded, but the incident sparked a frenzy and forced an earlier end to the show than planned.

The overwhelming police presence dispersed the crowd. At the festival, a woman said she couldn’t even take a breath because of the terrifying fright she was in.

Despite the unfortunate incident at the Civic Center, the rest of the event went down without a hitch, and the majority of attendees indicated they were delighted to be there.

After the COVID 19 epidemic, this was the big party. As a result, everyone was having a great time at the reunion.

As a whole, the festival went off without a hitch, and a great time was had by everybody.


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