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God Of War Ragnarok Come Out? Release Date, Trailer, And More!

In a blog post on Wednesday, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that the release date for God of War Ragnarok will be November 9, 2022. It was announced that the ninth instalment of the God of War series and the sequel to God of War would be released worldwide on Playstation 4 and Playstation 5.

Despite the creators’ tireless efforts, the fans’ fervour for the team was on full display in June, when they went bananas for the people working round the clock to get the next instalment out as quickly as possible. While the epidemic has pushed back several releases until 2023 or later, the Ragnarok team was steadfast enough to show their product to the public as early as 2022.

When Is God Of War Ragnarok Coming Out?

Fans were on the edge of their seats, itching to find out when their most eagerly anticipated video game series would be available. As a result of Summer Game Fest’s lack of information on the God of War or its production, fans were enraged. Cory Barlog, the creative director of the action-adventure game Santamonica, pleaded with the game’s fans to keep their patience until the required information about the action-adventure game was released by Santamonica themselves.

Despite waiting until the end of June, the Santamonica community was left disappointed and enraged when they were unable to see what they had been anticipating and began harassing the company’s staff. Writer Alana Pearce and producer, Estelle Tigani, were not far from the pain of the fans, who were eagerly awaiting word about the sequel.

God Of War Ragnarok Come Out Release Date, Trailer, And More!

Fans’ displeasure with Estelle’s refusal to reveal the release date of the God Of War Ragnarok next instalment was expressed via Twitter, which the producer responded to with a stern statement that allowing her to reveal the secret would be a mistake. Asked by those who sent her such illegal tweets, she also revealed her worries about when such efforts will pay off for them.

Neither Santamonica nor Santana stood like statues in the face of the fans’ antics; in response to Estele’s tweet, they wrote that no supporters should be so aggressive as to bring their enthusiasm and negatively impact another person’s dignity to the fore.

This isn’t the first time fans have taken to Twitter to express their displeasure with the industry’s prevailing ideology. Just a few weeks ago, fans deluged Ron Gilbert’s personal blog with comments after he revealed new details regarding the Return of Monkey Island’s new art style. As a result of the torturous experience, the author made the last remark in which he declared he would never again disclose anything on his blog about the game.

According to video game trends writer Willa Rowe, the Twitter platform should have benefited publishers with the marketing of fans’ expectations, but things are reversed. She wrote about the occurrence in her blog.


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