The Secret Behind Heather Robertson’s Success As A Trainer, Model, And YouTuber!!

Heather Robertson, Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Youtube, Workouts

Heather Robertson is a solid Canadian trainer, model, Youtuber, and social media celebrity. He is best known for his YouTube videos and Instagram photos.

Life Of Heather Robertson, Net Worth, Age, Life, And Relationship 

He became famous on Youtube when one of his exercise videos became infected. Heather is very popular on other platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, apart from Youtube. In addition to being a fitness coach, Heather is also a model.

Heather Robertson, Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Youtube, Workouts

It authorizes a wide range of health products, fashion apparel, and gym equipment. Heather also conducts paid online working sessions on YouTube and other forums. 

Heather Robertson Age, Height, Weight

According to her birthday, Heather Robertson is 37 years old. Heather Robertson’s height is 5 ′ 7 ″, and she weighs about 60 pounds [60 kg]. She is an attractive woman with brown eyes and dark hair.

Heather Robertson’s Net Worth

To date, by 2022, Heather’s total value is estimated at more than $ 700k, which he gains by becoming a fitness trainer and product recommendations.


Heather was born and raised in Ontario, Canada, with friends and family. More information about her family members and siblings is not yet available as information about Heather’s family is available to us. We will convey your information as early as possible. 

Heather Robertson Workouts

Having loved working and exercising since her childhood, Heather decided to become a fitness coach after graduating from the University of Ontario and began working very hard. Initially, he started a training career at a local gymnasium in Ontario.

Heather Robertson Youtube

Next, in 2014 Heather launched a YouTube channel and began posting performance videos and health tips.  In a short time, his channel grew well and currently has more than 1m active subscribers. Healthier is associated with a variety of online health programs.

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Heather Robertson Low Impact

Apart from this, she is a fitness model and is already on the cover of various fitness and health magazines to date. Heather authorizes various health care products, fashion brands, and sports brands like Nike, Adidas, and Reebok on Instagram and her Youtube channel.

Boyfriend And Affairs

Speaking of Heather’s personal life, till now, Heather Robertson has been single and more information about her relationships and affairs is not available. 


  • Heather Robertson is from Ontario, Canada.
  • He has over 236 followers on Instagram.
  • Blue and Black are her favorite colors.
  • Australia is her favorite holiday destination.
  • Cole Beckham is also a famous YouTuber and TikTok Star. 


What is the age of Heather Robertson?
Age of Heather Robertson is 37 years.
When is your Birthday, Heather Robertson?
Heather’s birthday was on 1st April 1983. 
How tall is Heather Robertson?
Heather Robertson is five feet and seven inches tall.
From where Heather Robertson belongs?
Calgary, AB Canada
Born: Calgary, AB, Canada. Lives: Vancouver, BC, Canada. 
The net worth of Heather Robertson? 
His total net worth is estimated at around $700 k as of 2022. Most of Heather’s earnings come from brand collaboration and fitness trainers. 


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