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How to Track My Girlfriend’s Phone?

In this article, we will be discussing the eyeZy’s android monitoring application. eyeZy allows you to track android mobile phones safely, completely, and anonymously. eyeZy has been serving happy 1.5 Million users since 2012. All over 180 countries with reliable 36 tracking features.

What Are the Reasons to Track Someone?

Track your girlfriend’s phoneto get rid of your doubts and find the truth.We all face this situation when we are sure about something wrong, with no proof. Or we feel unsafe in our relationships. With eyeZy, you can see almost everything they do with their phones. So, you would mostly get your answers within hours because eyeZy will let you observe everything they even think. With eyeZy, you can track their visited location, calls, texts, search history, and social media activities. eyeZy is the magical answer to the common question: how to see someones text messages and track my girlfriend’s phone remotely? As it is also a handy app in many different situations. The phone you give to your kids to play with it. Or the phone of your old relatives and friends who may get trouble finding their way back home. Or the phone you give to your employees for work purposes.

If You Still Decide to Track Your Girlfriend

Dead end? You could not get your answers. And you are asking: how can I track my girlfriend’s phone? It is not a dead end. Here are the handy anonymous features of eyeZy:

  • Track all outgoing/incoming calls.
  • Review all incoming/sent texts.
  • Track all messaging via Skype, WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Snapchat, LINE, Telegram, Tinder, KiK, and Instagram.
  • Track GPS location and know the places they visited.
  • Control all installed apps by reviewing and blocking them if needed.
  • You can record their screens to have your evidence.
  • Review all multimedia files that exist on the phone & SD card.
  • Track their internet usage. Track: Browsing History, Website Bookmarks, Blocking Websites, Wi-Fi Networks, Keyword alerts
  • Read all sent/received emails on the phone.
  • Access calendar & contacts.

eyeZy is giving you control over the tracked devices. And most importantly, it is anonymous, and your girlfriend/kid/employee will never know that you are tracking their phones. And you already know everything they do, and everything they intend to do!

All features are 100% working efficiently on all Android phones. It leaves no kind of trace that would reveal your tracking. And most importantly, it is safe and will not cause any damage/virus/adware to both phones.

Can You Track Your Girlfriends Phone for Free?

All the answers would be spam applications that will do nothing but count your download to have one more download! There is no reliable app anywhere that can provide a free tracking service. We have sold eyeZy to more than 1.8 Million users already. Do you believe that none of them asked: how can Itrack my girlfriend’s location for free?Well, they all must have asked. And found nothing.

We never recommend using free applications for tracking phones. It would ask for permission for sensitive information such as email, contacts, and social media profiles. When you download free tracking software, you permit them to use your data instead of taking your money! They will use your data for many purposes, which you mostly would never agree upon in normal circumstances. The worst part would be all of that happening without your notice!


eyeZy’s Android Monitoring App is the best choice if you are having trouble finding the truth about someone else. Having control over their phones (anonymously) would give you all the answers you need. Keylogger, Screen recorder, and Stealth mode are rare technologies we developed. And giving us a long space from any competition.

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