Who Is Howard Stern? Networth, Career, And More!

Howard Stern Biography

The name  Howard Stern has been echoing around for more than 4 decades in the radio and entertainment industry. Many of you might not have much idea about his personality, which is why we will discuss further him.

Howard Stern Biography

Stern came into this world in January of 1954 in his hometown of Queens, NYC, to his father, Ben Stern, and his mother, Ray Stern. He came from a very working-class family where his mother worked as an office Clark, and his father was a US Army serviceman. Later, his mother would become a respiratory therapist.

At the same time, his father would leave the service and start working as a radio engineer. From Stern’s childhood, he was quite an extrovert person. His personality contrasted with everyone in his family as they were comparatively quiet and mostly kept their life to themselves.

Who Is Howard Stern Networth, Career, And More!

Stern started to dream of one day becoming a famous radio jockey at the age of five when he started watching his father’s radio shows. Stern’s father had started his radio broadcasting studio where he used to bring some of the then famous radio, including BoB Grand and Brad Crandall. 

As a result, young Stern aspired to become a radio jockey and wanted to build a career around it. He had also managed to create his make-believe studio in his home basement with the help of his father, where he practiced being a radio anchor and entertained his friends. He had been attending ‘Washington-Rose Elementary School’ initially but later on joined ‘Roosevelt High School’ to complete his early studies.

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During his school years, he would also go to a Hebrew school, where he was widely recognized with the name ‘Tzvi.’ It was a prevalent Jewish name given to him due to his extrovert personality. He had also gone to ‘Boston University to get a degree in Communications and would later use this degree to its full advantage when he started his work as a radio anchor.

He started to work his first job for one of the famous radio stations WNTN Network in the year 1975.

Howard Stern Career

Stern had made a name for himself during his four-decade career as one of the best radio jockeys in the United States. During this time, he also gave himself the nickname ‘King of All Media, since he dominated most of the entertainment media available to the general public at that time. Stern is also famous for his globally popular radio show, ‘The Howard Stern Show, which had more than a quarter million listeners when it was active.

The show was later taken off by its host company in 2005. Still, it was a significant success for Stern in his career as a radio jockey. His story is one of the most fascinating and inspiring stories of how a person can start small in his career and later go on to become one of the greatest icons in his career.

Howard Stern Career

Like many others, Howard Stern had started his career as a mediocre marketing executive. After working for some years under many companies, he took a job as a radio salesman in a local radio company. It was this place where he managed to reach his true potential by becoming the radio station’s production director.

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Later, he started working with some of the greatest names in the history of entertainment media, including WWWWW, WNBC, WWDC, and WXRK being the best. Stern also published a book titled ‘Private Parts’ where he explained his success story and experience after becoming one of the best radio jockeys in the country. His book was later adapted into a movie where he was given his role to act interestingly.

Net Worth Of Howard Stern

Stern has a net worth of about six hundred and fifty million dollars alongside an annual salary of nearly a hundred million dollars during the peak of his career. He had also earned millions from his autobiographical movie ‘Private Part,’ where he shared his experience as one of the leading radio jockeys during his time. He had started his career in the radio industry back in 1975. Still, He, later on, would create a name for himself in the history of this industry.

The Relationship Status Of Stern

According to interviews, it is evident that he married his long-time wife and college sweetheart, Alison Berns, in the year 1978. It began after his career was taking shape and he had already been famous. He has three daughters with Alison, with whom he lived for nearly twenty-three years, but the couple divorced in 2001.

After the first divorce, he started dating various television hosts and finally married Beth Ostrosky in 2008.

The Relationship Status Of Stern

While discussing his relationship status, it is essential to mention that he suffered from various mental disorders, including Obsessive Compulsive Disorder(OCD), and had an addiction to cannabis and LSD. But, he later recovered from it with the help of transcendental meditation and care from his mother.

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