Jason Alexander Attempted To Enter Britney Spear’s Bedroom!!

Alleged ex-husband Jasen Allen Alexander reportedly attended Monday’s court hearing session, where he was accused of trying to break into her bedroom.

On June 9, the singer’s ex-wife and Iranian American model Sam Asghari were getting married in a private ceremony.

Britney Spears’ Ex Jason Alexander ‘ Allegedly Made An Attempt To Enter Her Bedroom’!!

As a security guard at Spear’s California home, Richard Eubeler was able to provide the information to a witness. The 40-year-old woman tried to break into the Princess of Pops’ locked rooms, according to the security guards. Witnesses, as well as the guard, were on hand to tell their side of the story.

Jason Alexander Attempted To Enter Britney Spear's Bedroom

The testimony of Eubeler stated that Alexander was leaving, even though he had tried his best and kept calling Spear.

This Monday, the Los Angeles Court held the preliminary hearing.

The songwriter’s ex was also streaming live on Instagram while causing a stir at the fairytale-themed nuptials. He also said that Alexander reached into his own pocket and pulled something out, prompting Eubeler to draw his weapon.

Later, the police reported that a cutter weapon had been discovered in Alexander’s trunk.

After leaving her mansion and not attending her own wedding, Britney Spears‘ reaction to the whole incident was bizarre. Afterward, her longtime agent, Cade Hudson, said she was terrified, shivering, and crying. Eubeler also said she ordered everyone to leave the property when police arrived to arrest Alexander.

Insiders say Alexander was taken into custody soon afterward, after which the groom and bride were driven away in their car to calm down.

Alexander’s ex-wife, whom he married in 2014, was stalked by him and he also committed other misdemeanors, so the jury decided to keep him on trial. The next court hearing is scheduled for July 12 and Alexander, who is on $100,000 bail, must attend.

Stalking charges against Sandra Bisignani’s ex-husband should be reduced to misdemeanors because her client had no intention of harming the singer, she argued in court.

Alexander only had to make sure that Spears’ decision to move on was actually true, she said, and he went to Spear’s mansion to talk to her about the current situation and to check her well-being. She continued:

The newlyweds asked the court for a restraining order against Alexander because he is a bothersome and troublemaker.

The Pop Princess’s lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, has come forward and stated that he will make Alexander pay for what he did to his ex-girlfriend. The attorney also thanked the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department for its unmatched support and quick response.

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