Kris Jenner Celebrated Khloe Kardashian’s 38th Birthday With Drunk Toast

Khloe Kardashian looked gorgeous at her 38th birthday party where her family members participated and celebrated her birthday with a boozy lunch. The birthday party was organized on the 27th of May at the $20 million Hidden Hills mega-mansion of Kris Jenner who is her mother as well as playing the role of her manager whose age is presently 66.

Kris Jenner Celebrated Khloe Kardashian’s 38th Birthday With Drunk Toast

The 38 years old reality TV star shares some moments of her birthday party on her Instagram stories which shows her fun-filled birthday party. Her sister Kim Kardashian arrived there along with other family members. 

Kris Jenner Celebrated Khloe Kardashian's 38th Birthday With Drunk Toast

How Does The Birthday Girl Look?

She looked like a Barbie as she maintained her finger and wore a pink latex mini dress for the occasion and the accessories like the chunky gold necklace with pendant made her more beautiful. The birthday girl flaunted her striking features with a smokey-eye make-up and a touch of eyeliner while the reality star styled her platinum blonde locks in attractive waves. In one snap, the sister of Kim Kardashian gave the peace sign as she was taking a selfie with her daughter True Thompson who is just 4 years old, Tristan Thompson was, and her niece Dream Renée Kardashian whose age is just 5 years, were seen in the selfie. 

Kim Kardashian Shares A Video Clip:

Meanwhile, the sister of Khloe, Kim Kardashian who is 41 years old, shared a video where she was dancing to Doja Cat’s popular song Kiss Me More. The brother of Kardashian named Rob Kardashian made a rear appearance by entering her frame. The 35-year-old arm which was tattooed was seen behind the birthday girl as she pouted and also posed up a storm while everybody was dancing at the birthday party.

How Does Kris Kardashian Look?

In another picture, the mother of Khloe Kardashian donned a billowy green gown and could not stop showing how much she loved her daughter. Kris beamed that she gave birth to Khloe 38 years ago, and after hearing this, Khloe felt a little embraced. She also said that she was going to dress up as if she was going to celebrate the 38 years birthday of Khloe from the day she gave birth, and she expressed her love by saying to Khloe “I love you!”

What Does The Mother Of The Birthday Girl Say?

After that, Khloe’s mother insisted on delivering a toast as she drank martinis during the lunch where Kris gushed that Khloe is the queen of their family. So she knew that she was a little wasted but what she wanted to say was how much she is so f**king in love with her daughter Khloe Kardashian! According to her, Khloe is a rock star in her eyes and she is a person who is always looking at the glass half full. 

Khadijah Haqq McCray also joined the birthday party and shared a glimpse at the elegant lunch table settings on her Instagram stories. Each member of the family enjoyed entrees like tacos and sashimi topped with jalapeño slices. The whole family appeared to be in jovial spirits as they sat for the boozy dinner. 

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