Ethan Coen’s ‘Jerry Lee Lewis Film Review: ‘Trouble In Mind’ | Cannes 2022

The Cannes Film Festival is ready to surprise the audience in unexpected ways. There are different types of important controversies and issues which are being developed out of the same and hence making the headlines of the newspaper in the shortest amount of time.

‘Trouble In Mind’

Each year, this particular festival is known for launching trailers and teasers for upcoming projects related to movies, web shows, and even documentaries. This year is technically no difference.

Ethan Coen's 'Jerry Lee Lewis Film Review 'Trouble In Mind'  Cannes 2022

One of the most talked-about movies is Jerry Lee Lewis: Trouble in Mind. This is technically one of the first movies produced by Ethan Coen without his elder brother.

It was technically a very emotional movie because many emotional sentiments were attached to this. The movie got this slot on the first day to launch its teaser in front of the whole audience.

It has been a moment of pride for the directors and the producers, including the casting crew. It has been able to increase the craze of fans to watch this movie as soon as possible. It has tried to act as a perfect publicity stunt to increase the promotion and advertisement of the movie free of cost.

Talk Of The Town

Everything from the plot to the storyline of this movie has become the talk of the town. It has been able to leave the audience spellbound by the wonderful execution of the plot and other important factors. The plot revolves around how Lewis has been trying to manage his life.

It is basically about the heated conversation that the main and lead roles have with different people. This is because he tries to challenge those stereotypes and existing Christian beliefs.

He wants to come out of this vicious circle to develop a better place to live in. In such a type of situation, it is important to mention that all of this is trying to focus on the mental imbalances that he is facing for the time being. Still, the intention to end what is not useful is worth mentioning and witnessing.


This has increased the popularity of this upcoming movie. The audience, which has witnessed the teaser and even the movie, has been able to give a thumbs up to the entire execution.

This is a huge victory for all the people working hard on this project for a long time now. This is incredible for the production team, and they cannot still believe that they pulled it out so well.


This movie has been able to Touch All those struggling to find a better living place for themselves. This movie is also a kind of inspiration for all the people to bring a change in their life by struggling against the thoughts that worry them in one of the other ways.

Even the critics have supported the movie’s plot in light of the existence of awareness of mental balance. This has been able to bring the maximum amount of assistance and help.

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