Fake Rumors About The Death Of Jim Carrey Started Circulating On Social Media

Fake Rumors About The Death Of Jim Carrey Started Circulating On Social Media

Recently rumors have been outbroken regarding the death of Jim Carrey, a Canadian-American comedian, and actor. Social media took this case to spread on the Internet, and the audience is now in shock at the death of the actor, who was in good health. 

Jim Carrey Dying Was A Hoax

When directly digging into the rumors to find out their origin, it was finally found out that they were all made by the clickbait content popped on YouTube and Twitter, holding a colossal audience searching for the latest outbreaks.

Fake Rumors About The Death Of Jim Carrey Started Circulating On Social Media

Jim, renowned for his unconventional roles on the big screen, has delivered his best performances throughout these years and is tagged as one of the best actors. 

Jim, who holds a massive fan score finally outraged after discovering the false information about his death on social media. This is all because, for a long time, the actor was vocal about his misery. 

It was founded that the rumors first came in two clickbait blogs on the Internet. The first one seems to be on Twitter, where a user tweeted by sharing a screenshot from an unknown news source with a specific description. It shows that the actor’s health is getting worse, and he is falling to a tragic death. 

This screenshot with the wording worried the audience deeply. After a quick examination to unwrap the truth, it was finally found that the news was nothing but a fake.

In addition to this, a YouTube video got viral in seconds. It spread the news about the Death of Jim, the comedy legend.

The reality is that the film is all about the death of Bob Saget, the comedian who is a close friend of Jim, who suddenly passed away of mental illness late in January 2022.

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The great news for the fans is the unconfirmed death of Jim. The actor’s death is not confirmed by any credible source. So, it gives a mear hope that he is still alive. 

About Jim Carrey’s Depression

The actor Jim had already shared about his depression. He previously gave his words about himself that he has made a good image that makes people never feel scared at all. He is one of the many identities who have performed their roles well to bring out the best. 

He also came up with sadness and has made his own deep comparison of how it really varies from unhappiness. He even claimed that sadness was the only way the body could express that you no longer need to be in the character you have played. And melancholy was the best way the body tells that you didn’t have to live in the character you had once built.

In an interview given by Jim late in April 2022, he shared some clues about his retirement plans. He said he had done enough in his carrier and now long to spend time with other interests. He even added a key point that his retirement would not be craved in stone, and if he thinks of returning with an amazing role at some point in his life, he will indeed embrace the role.  

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