Jimmie Allen, A Country Star, Announces Jennifer Lopez Remix Of His Song “On My Way”

Who knew we needed Jimmie Allen and Jennifer Lopez in our lives? “On My Way” will be remixed by country music sensation JLo and released on Friday, according to the singer’s Instagram post.

Jimmie Allen Was Back As A Mentor

Jimmie Allen wears a leopard-print black leather jacket and a striking cowboy hat in the artwork, while Lopez is clad in a leopard-print head-to-toe. Following “On My Way” is an artist’s name and a song title.

Jimmie Allen was back as a mentor on the show.

American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez was a mentor to Allen, who rose to fame after appearing on American Idol.

Speaking to the season 20 contestants, Jimmie Allen gave his thoughts on his time on the long-running singing competition series.

“I’m sure you get what I mean. Trying new things is a good way to expand your knowledge. “Allen urged us to seize this window of opportunity. There are millions of people watching you, and they’ve made it to the last 24. So they’ve made it to the live show, so impressing me or the judges isn’t really an issue.

Every performance you put on is an opportunity to build a following. Finding out about you as an individual through interviews is one thing; discovering who you are as an artist is quite another.

What advice does he have for aspiring singers who want to follow in the footsteps of the “Down Home” musician and earn a standard achievement? Plan ahead of time.

“Because there is a difference between being a singer and being a craftsman, make an arrangement. “There are a lot of great singers,” Allen explained. As a craftsman, you’ll know exactly where to go and how to get there.”

This is a great opportunity, and you should already have four or five songs ready to go in the event that you’re sent the home top 24, top 10, or whatever.

so that while you’re building a fanbase and establishing this fan base, you know particularly if –– say you get sent the home top 24, top 10, or whatever–– you have tuned all set, prepared to deliver.”

Make a plan since there is a difference between being a vocalist and an artist. Allen stated that there are many talented singers. In order to achieve where you want to go as an artist, you need a strategy, a road map.”

As soon as you realize you have this opportunity, you should have at least four or five songs composed and ready to go. In order to win this competition, you should have had songs ready to go in advance, so that when you’re creating a fanbase, you know especially if you have to. Top 24, Top 10, Whatever – You’re ready to go to my songs, and you’re ready to release them.”

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