How Old Is Jodi Arias? Why Did She Convict Of Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Murder? All The Details Are Here!


On July 9th, 1980, Jodi Ann Arias was born in Salinas, California. Sandy S. Arias and William Angelo are her parents. Along with this, she has two younger brothers and two younger half-brothers in her family. She is 40 years old because she was born under the Cancerian zodiac.

Who Is Jodi Arias? Age, Marital Status, Wealth, And criminal Record

She was convicted of the murder of Travis Alexander, her ex-boyfriend Jodi Arias’ ex-boyfriend, as an American citizen. Jodi spent a year in Mesa, Arizona, with her ex-boyfriend Alexander before returning to California in 2007. The two of them were still in touch, despite their breakup.

How Old Is Jodi Arias , Why Did  She Convict Of Her Ex-Boyfriend's Murder

There were no signs of forced entry, and she claimed self-defense; she has since pleaded not guilty to the crime. His friends found his body in the bathtub of Alexander’s house after five days. After the man’s body was discovered, it was discovered that he had been stabbed numerous times.

Date of birth9 July 1980
Height5’ 5”
Weight55 kg
Zodiac signCancer
ProfessionTelevision personality

Jodi Arias Case And Trial

Jodi was accused of shooting and stabbing Alexander in the leg in July of 2008. During a four-month trial that began in December 2012 and ended in April 2015, she was found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Jodi Arias Age

By the year 2022, she will be 42 years old.

Jodi Arias’s Net Worth

Arias’ net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million, according to various sources. While she has a sizable fortune, Jodi prefers to live a simple life.

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Jodi Arias Has The Following Noteworthy Facts

Her birthstone is a ruby, making it auspicious for her.
Arias will never be able to leave prison. She’s been shifted around a lot in the Arizona prison system.
Jodi’s relationship with another inmate was revealed in leaked audio from the Arizona State Prison Complex.
As of January 2020, there is no sign of her whereabouts.

Allegations Of Sexual And Physical Abuse

She works as a freelance photographer in her spare time. She was a waitress at a restaurant in California as recently as the fall of 2001. Darryl Brewer, the manager of the restaurant’s food and beverage department, introduced them in 2003. Besides that, they owned a house in Palm Desert, California.

Travis Alexander, a marketer, and motivational speaker was the first person Jodi met after her divorce from Brewer in 2006.

Alexander was, without a doubt, a member of the Mormon church. In Arias’s telling, they started having sex just a week after meeting, and they became romantically interested in one another. In February 2007, she relocated from California to Mesa, Arizona. While they were apart, they continued to meet regularly for sex.

Allegations of sexual and physical abuse were made in the police report she filed. In 2008, she stabbed Alexander to death on the same day. Following the conclusion of the murder investigation, a number of forensic pieces of evidence point to Jodi’s involvement in the crime as likely.


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