Celebrity IOU, John C. Reilly Surprised His Johnny Agnew With A Creative Cabin Makeover

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The 57-year-old comic completely renovated and added a kitchen and a bathroom to a 1920s log cabin belonging to a close friend.

Johnny Agnew: ‘Brother From Another Mother’ And Longtime Friend

On Monday’s episode of Celebrity IOU, John C. Reilly surprised his ‘brother of another mother’ and a longtime friend Johnny Agnew with a funky cabin makeover.

Celebrity IOU, John C. Reilly Surprised His Johnny Agnew With A Creative Cabin Makeover

Johnnie and Johnny struck up a conversation right away, Johnny told the camera. ‘It was a blessing that we were only related by blood, like brothers,’ he said. As if they were half-brothers from a different mother. We love the same things and he is a collector. ‘

In addition to running the Funky Junk Farm, Johnny also currently works as a driver on film sets. Because Johnny was such a good person and a hard worker, John has said that he relies on him. He stated that he wished to assist him in any way he could.

In the words of John, “Johnny has been there for me so many times.”

The 57-year-old comedian completely renovated his shut good friend’s 1920s log cabin, including a kitchen and a bathroom, by remodeling the exterior and interior.

A lot of different people benefit from what that man does on a regular basis,’ John remarked.

John Agnew defined to Drew and Jonathan that the log cabin on the property they had been going to work on was a 1920s authentic log cabin. The brothers asked John if he thought his good friend would like to modernize the cabin, but John said he didn’t believe that was necessary.

According to John, it’s called Funky Junk Farms. In other words, he loves it for what it is: funky and junky.

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The Scott brothers accepted the challenge of renovating the dilapidated cabin.

John assured his brothers that he would be actively involved in the project because of his previous experience working as a carpenter while in college to supplement his income.

We should just do something for him that he couldn’t possibly accomplish on his own, John said.

In the cabin, Drew and Jonathan took a look around.

The first time Drew and Jonathan looked inside the cabin, they realized that there was a lot of room for growth.

In John’s opinion, making the house usable could be a wonderful gift.

It was John’s job to help the brothers demolish the cabin and remove the rotten logs. For a month, Johnny was working out of town, giving them plenty of time to complete the project.

‘I think I did alright when it came to demolition,’ John said. I think I could handle that low-skilled position.’

John lent a helping hand to the brothers by removing the cabin’s rotting logs.

They smashed the windows with hammers, and John used a concrete saw to demolish the floor with his bare hands.

Log veneers and sturdy floors were also selected by John to keep the cabin funky.

Requested the use of broken tiles from other parts of the property, which had already been used in other areas. Additionally, local artist Edward Lum created a Funky Junk sign that will be displayed on the exterior of the residence.

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