Jordan Smith, Kentucky’s ‘American Song Contest’, Singing Career!

In recent times, new sensational news has come into being. The reality show “The Voice” winner is all setto represent Kentucky in the famous and the most coveted “American Song Contest”, all scheduled to be

He Has Been Enjoying The Taste Of Success

held in the latter half of the year. The Voice was a famous singing show that was telecasted in the year 2015. 

Jordan Smith

This ninth season of the show was won by the native of Kentucky, who was none other than Jordan Smith. Since then, there has been no looking back for Jordan Smith in the first place.

He has been enjoying the taste of success. That is evident from the great singles that he has released titled Mary, Did you know? And Climb every mountain. 

Jordan Smith Career In Singing 

After having established his career already in singing, it becomes important to mention that star is ready once again to glitter.

This means that Jordan is all set to present Kentucky in yet another reality show titled the “American Singing Contest”. 

This show was launched on March 21, 2022. This was an interesting show focusing mainly on the Eurovision Song Contest.

This was a kind of song contest that was aired atleast 10 years ago in the country in Europe. It was perceived with a lot of joy and concern. 

Ways Ro Go Ahead 

The show ‘American Singing contest” would be hosted by Snoop Dog. the rounds of the show would be decided into prelims, quarters, semi-finals and finals.

The whole show would be covered over 3 quarters in the first place. The show has been able to receive a very overwhelming response.

The participants from the different parts of the world have enrolled themselves on the same. The competition is going to be interesting.

Proper Participation 

In the light of the existing competition, there is a participant who is already a winner of the reality show “ The Voice”. This is none other than Jordan Smith, who is all set to represent Kentucky in the singing contest. 

This news was notified by Smith himself through an instagram post wherein he once again expressed the joy of singing on a public platform.

This post received a very overwhelming response from all his fans. Many of them wished him the best to become capable enough to put up a tough fight against the competitors in the show. 

Level Of Competition

The competition is going to be very tough. But Jordan Smith is all ready to set the stage on fire. This will be amazing and, at the same time, allow his fans to witness the great performance of the artists once again. 

Many of the reviewers and the audience openly support and vote for Jordan Smith. They believe that not only he is talented, but at the same time, he is competent enough.

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He also has a huge talent in this regard which is not there with anyone else. This will be very useful to motivate him enough to win this reality show as well. 


There are huge amounts of hopes that have been bombarded on his shoulders. It is expected that he would once again appear with flying colours. 

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