Judge Mathis Talks About His Son Greg Jr.’s Abrupt Revelation

The television Judge, Greg Mathis, discovered an astonishing fact about his son, Greg Mathis Jr. in the last premiere episode of Mathis Family Matters. The 33-year-old confessed that he was hiding his sexuality to protect the former Michigan 36th District Court Judge from further mental attacks.

Contrary to the assumption, Judge Mathis is preparing himself for a fight against anyone who comes in the middle of his son’s decision.

Mathis Creating Awareness Among Black To Promote LGBTQ+ By Making The Case Of His Son

This Wednesday, the actor was confronted by saying that he is unknowingly growing hatred against people, against those who abhor gay individuals, or anyone who acts weird and become judgemental by considering a person’s gender, race, and poverty.

The supporting father makes it clear that he will get to everyone who criticizes or creates discrimination based on sexual exposure.

Judge Mathis Talks About His Son Greg Jr.'s Abrupt Revelation

Since Mathis is a Black interest motivational speaker, all he wants is to create awareness in the Black community to help promote LGBTQ+ acceptance by making the case of his son, Greg Jr an accurate example.

The television producer also added that most of the reactions to the sexual orientations are coming from different religious teachings and he will make sure to fight against gay-bashing with the support of the Black Church. Currently, he is trying to convince the Black Church in proving equality for every individual, with no stated consideration based on sexuality.

Greg Mathis Jr Open Up About The Public Reactions!

Amir Mathews, who is brother to Greg Mathis Jr, opened up to the public by saying that it took some convincing after his brother disclosed his secret on-screen.

The American Gangster also tried to console Greg Jr. by saying that they need to create a mark of themselves by being genuine as possible throughout and he showed his support as well.

Amir also told the show producers that he is ready to be treated in any way they so wish and disclosed that his father only has a single condition when it comes to filming and that he needs no unnecessary concerns and fighting to be happening before the camera.

Judge Mathis also agreed with this by adding his words of agreement with his son, Amir. The television court show arbitrator also mentioned that people keep things real by fussing and fighting every now and then. According to him, those are the real occurrences one can witness from their homes. 

He also addressed that he is the only one who acts weird at home by annoying and disturbing the other family members throughout the day.

The African-American male host has influenced many through his family show by picturizing the real life of people. His personal history itself has been remarkable in the hearts of millions on how a street youth grew from jail to Judge.

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