Justine Skye Announced The Lauch Of The latest Music Album! Justine Skye Blasts Ex Giveon Over Weak ass Single!

In a recent controversy that has just surfaced, the ex-couple is being witnessed to be a part of a new fallacy.

Justine Skye Announced The Lauch Of The Latest Music Album

In recent days, Justine Skye was seen blasting her ex-boyfriend over many petty reasons. It was just recently that she announced the lauch of the latest music album.

Justine Skye

But along with this announcement, she was in the position to have blasted her ex-boyfriend and bypassed rudeness and slurry comments about him. She has unnecessarily tagged him by repeatedly quoting in the caption that she is happy to be single once again.

Justine Skye Factual situtaion

The tussle between the two started in December of 2021. Skye posted on Twitter her heartbreak anniversary. Through the post, she wanted to expose her bad deeds of Giveon. She vented her feelings to the world by expressing the pain and grief she had to experience due to her boyfriend’s cheating. 

Since then, the couple has been locking horns on social media platforms. Both have been involved in pulling each other’s legs in one way. They have ended up defaming each other for the worse matters. 


Justine Skye Early Events 

It was recently that Skye once again announced on Twitter the upcoming release of her latest music album titled “What a lie”. She was once again able to add to the caption that this kind of painful album is inspired by her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Giveon. 

This is essential for the time being to mention that such a kind of constant poking at the end of Skye is likely to complicate the further course of dynamics between each other. This is going to be extremely harmful to them in the long run. 

Comments From The Other Side

On the other hand, Giveon has been reporting that he isn’tisn’t the one responsible for all this. He has been bluntly denying every kind of remark that Skye makes.

He is also vocal that he feels sorry for the kind of mentality that Skye is having for the time being. He is not even considering the basic fact that they were once in a relationship.

Such a blunt statement is not expected, at least from a couple who has been once the talk of the town. 

The matter seems to worsen between both of them on many fronts. They have been continuously reporting against each other.

They have been indulged in a kind of cold war for the time being. This is the worst form of expression that they are trying to manifest for the time being. 

This is not going to assist them in the management of a relationship. They have to understand that even if the relationship can’t work, the partners also do not have the right to bully each other and get involved in the blame game. 


The recent tweet by Skye can do that all. It seems that there is no end to all this commotion. It has to be understood in a very proper way.


This is the worst that one can expect from a relationship. Hopefully, they will also understand the right way to behave with each other. 

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