Is Good Witch’s Katherine Barrell And Dominique Provost- Chalkley Partner In Real Life?

Actresses Katherine Barrell and Dominique Provost are well-known, and Wynonna Earp has made household names thanks to their respective roles. We loved Katherine and Dominique Provost as a couple because of their on-screen connection.

Relationship Between Katherine Barrell And Dominique Provost

After seeing their on-screen chemistry and personal moments, the show’s viewers wanted to learn more about their real-life romance. Is Katherine Barrell and Dominique Provost-Chalkley a real-life couple keen to find out? If you’re curious about the solution, keep reading.

Is Good Witch's Katherine Barrell And Dominique Provost- Chalkley Partner In Real Life

As the film progressed, viewers wondered whether Katherine Barrell and Dominique Provost-Chalkley were dating after seeing their on-screen connection again. There are rumors they are dating, although they haven’t said so. However, Katherine Barrell is married to Ray Galletti, an actor she met on the production of My Ex-Ex and married in 2012.

Dominque Provost- Chalkley’s

As far as we know, Katherine Barrell and Dominique Provost-Chalkley aren’t dating, although they may be. In 2017, Katherine married Ray Galletti, her longtime boyfriend, and best friend. In 2016, they both got engaged.

So, Katherine is now a wife and mother. “Dominique” (Provost-Chalkley) said, “they identify as a person who identifies as queer. I’m a big fan of all humanity “, on March 24, 2020. There have been several film and television roles for Dominique Provost-Chalkley. Dominique and Katherine are also avid Instagram users.

Dorothea Provost-Chalkley, PhD

British-Canadian actor Dominique Provost-Chalkley is well-known. For her portrayal as Waverly Earp in the popular television series “Wynonna Earp,” she is well recognized.

A few days after Dominique’s birthday on March 24, 1990, she became 32-years-old. Her place of birth is Bristol, England, where she now resides with her parents. Her other talents include being an artist, musician, and activist.

Katherine Barrell Husband

Canadian actress, producer, writer, and director Katherine Barrell is well-known. Her performance as Wynonna Earp sheriff Nicole Haught made her a household name. In 2020, she as Joy Harper in Good Witch’s fantasy drama TV series. Actor Ray Galletti is her husband; they have a kid together. On February 12, she was born.

Are They Dating?

It’s easy to believe that actors and actresses who have chemistry in a scene have a connection outside of the stage. That’s why Katherine Barrell and her co-star Dominique Bourg Chalkley’s rumors increase. 

Katherine is a multi-talented actress who has a devoted following of admirers who quickly point out the many strengths in her performances. Actress, writer, producer, and director are just a few of her many talents.

Because of her exceptional acting ability and extensive resume, she’s been able to work with many different audiences. At the Canadian Screen Awards in 2020, she’ll look for her role as Wynonna Earp by receiving the Audience Choice Award. Her new series has gotten her a lot of attention lately.

Dominique Provost-Chalkley Is A friend Of Katherine Barrell’s

Their on-screen connection was a hit with audiences. After watching their on-screen chemistry and a private session together, viewers are re-energized about their budding relationship. As a pair, they’re getting a lot of attention.

So, let’s look at what the spectators are saying. According to rumors, many stories are circulating concerning Katherine Barrell and Dominique Provost Chalkley, and they may be dating.


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