Lady Victoria Hervey Pays Tribute To Qatari Prince’s Ex-Wife Discovered Dead In Marbella

Lady Victoria Hervey Pays Tribute To Qatari Prince's Ex-Wife Discovered Dead In Marbella

Lady Victoria Hervey leads tributes to the ex-wife of a millionaire Qatari prince who died of a suspected drug overdose in Marbella during a custody battle over their three daughters, only weeks after she alleged he had ‘inappropriately touched’ each of their children.
Lady Victoria Hervey, a socialite, paid tribute to her friend, Princess Kasia Al Thani of Qatar, who died of a suspected drug overdose at her Marbella residence on Sunday at the age of 45.

Lady Victoria Hervey Leads Tributes To Qatari Prince’s Ex-Wife, Who Was Discovered Dead In Marbella

Kasia, who is of Polish heritage, married millionaire Abdelaziz bin Khalifa Al Thani, 73, the uncle of Qatar’s current Emir, for the third time.

The mother of three recently lost a custody battle alleging he sexually molested one of their three daughters, which he denies.

“Kasia became a style icon,” Lady Hervey told the Daily Mail. “She was stylish, swish, and a famous mother.” “She will be greatly missed.”

Gallanio’s body was discovered in a mattress, according to Le Parisien Spanish, and no traces of bodily abuse were used.

Her youngest daughter alerted Spanish police in Paris that she had been unable to touch her mother for days. El Pais broke the story.

Several officials were welcomed to the Gallanio rental complex in Marbella by the doorman at 8 a.m. on Sunday, according to a Spanish newspaper.

Gallanio’s custody claims were dismissed on May 19 by a Paris courtroom docket, according to Le Parisien. She had already been in the hospital for several months, with the French guide revealing that she had developed a dread of breakdowns.

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As a result, the decision postponed the case until a psychiatric evaluation could be conducted to better understand the family’s situation, according to Le Parisien.

The former couple had 17-year-old twins (who are photographed with Galliano) and a 15-year-old daughter.

The former couple had 17-year-old twins who first lived with Al Thani before deciding to move in with their mother in Marbella.

But, according to her, he then decided to “punish them by reducing them to nothing.”

They have a different daughter, who is 15 years old and still lives with the Qatari royal family in an opulent 50,000-square-meter apartment in Paris, where he became banished after marriage to his half-brother Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani in 1995.

For 15 years, the former royal couple was involved in a bitter criminal battle over custody of their children.

He accused her of being an alcoholic with mental health concerns, while Al Thani was accused of sexually abusing one of the couple’s daughters.

According to a French newspaper, the Paris prosecutor’s office has begun an investigation into the charges of aggravated assault.

According to Le Parisien, the 73-year-old father disputes the charges.

‘Two of my girls are twins,’ Gallant said in a recent interview with women’s world. They wanted to stay with me, but he punishes them by limiting their contact with me. It might be a very unhappy situation because children want both parents.

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