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Lauren Boebert Net Worth, Bio, Political Career, Age, Husband, Car Collection!

As an American politician, activist, and businesswoman, Lauren Boebert is a guns rights activist who serves as the U.S representative for Colorado’s 3rd congressional district. It has been estimated that Lauren Boebert net worth is $41 million. Moreover, Lauren uses online video platforms like YouTube and Facebook to reach her people, like many politicians her age. 

Who Is Lauren Boebert?

Lauren Boebert represents Colorado’s 3rd congressional district in Congress. She has gained fame for being a pro-gun lawmaker and challenging her opponents in novel ways. In her first term in Congress, she has made it clear that she is a staunch Conservative who supports a pro-gun, pro-Constitution, and pro-freedom platform.

Net Worth Lauren Boebert
Full NameLauren Opal Boebert 
ProfessionPolitician, Restaurateur
Sources of IncomeProfession
Biggest AssetsAudi RS Q8, Toyota Vellfire, Lincoln Aviator, 9,500-square-foot Mansion
Date of Birth19 December 1986
Age35 years Old
Marital StatusMarried
EducationHigh School
Spouse NameJayson Boebert
Wealth TypeSelf-Made

Lauren Boebert Key Facts

  • According to the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, Boebert switched political parties in 2008 after initially registering as a Democrat in June 2000 at 19.
  • In 2019, she deleted a photo from Twitter showing her posing with members of the Three Percent militia.
  • She made history as the first primary candidate in Colorado to unseat an incumbent US representative in 48 years.
  • To many, Boebert represents the extreme right wing.
  • She was one of 21 Republican members of the House to vote against a proposal that would have awarded the Congressional Gold Medal to Capitol Police officers.
  • Lauren said that BLM would “burn down towns and ruin businesses” and filed a resolution attempting to label Antifa a domestic terrorist group.

Lauren Boebert Net Worth

As of 2022, The total amount that Lauren Boebert net worth has amassed in her wealth is $41 million with over $5 million in annual income. She likely earns around $174,000 a year in her position as a United States representative. Her political activities are only one source of her wealth; she also owns several eateries. Her line of work provides her with a comfortable income.

Lauren Boebert Net Worth

Due to her many successful ventures as an American politician, entrepreneur, and advocate for gun rights. The excellent money she has amassed has allowed her to provide her family with a lavish and comfortable existence. More than five houses, four cars, and a yacht are in Lauren Boebert’s possession.

In addition to her other assets, Lauren Boebert has almost $16 million in cash on hand. Also, Lauren Boebert has a $15 million investment portfolio consisting of 10 stocks. Lauren Boebert’s stock portfolio is mainly over their Hypermedia Systems.

  • Dell
  • Microsoft
  • Apple
  • Hewlett Packard

Lauren Boebert has a 9,500-square-foot mansion in Florida. She spent around $12 million on this residence. A top European architect designed her six bedrooms, eight baths, two enormous balconies, seven fireplaces, and three pools. Her latest purchase was a Mercedes-Benz G-Class that saved her a cool USD 170,000.

In addition, she has a $90,000 BMW X8 that she purchased herself. Here are some of his other cars and trucks:

  • Audi RS Q8
  • Toyota Vellfire
  • Lincoln Aviator

Lauren Boebert Biography

Lauren Boebert’s mom, Shawn Bentz, gave birth to her on December 15, 1986, in Altamonte Springs, Florida. With respect to Boebert’s biological father, there is very little information known. Boebert’s brothers are named Joey and Benny. Twelve-year-old Boebert relocated to Denver with her family. 

Lauren Boebert Biography

Her family uprooted from Denver, Colorado, to Aurora, Colorado, and finally Rifle, Colorado, all within five years. Boebert has made no secret that she came from a “Democratic” family. Ms. Bentz, however, became a Republican in 2001 when her mother did the same. She has been open about the hardships she and her siblings endured due to their mother’s low income when they were young.

Lauren Boebert claims that her mom received welfare for a long time while the family was living in Denver. She said she got her first job at McDonald’s in Rifle when she was only fifteen years old. 

Lauren Boebert Career

Lauren Boebert has been open about the hardships she and her siblings endured due to their mother’s low income when they were young. She claims that her mom received welfare for a long time while the family was living in Denver. When she was fifteen, Boebert got her first job at McDonald‘s in Rifle.

Lauren Boebert Career

Boebert admits that she had to leave school during her final year because of unintended pregnancy. After several years with the same McDonald’s, she was promoted to assistant manager. She claims that her time spent working at McDonald’s altered her perspective on the importance of receiving welfare benefits.

By 2020, Boebert would have completed the requirements for her General Education Equivalency. She registered about a month before the first primary election she participated in. Down the road from Shooter’s Grill, the pair opened a second restaurant named Smokehouse 1776. In early to mid-2020, as the pandemic was beginning to take hold of the country.

Lauren Boebert, then a primary contender for her present Congressional position, disregarded a cease-and-desist order, making Shooter’s Grill famous across the United States. Even so, She went public on social media with her reasons for keeping the restaurant open and her support of independent entrepreneurs’ right to pursue their dreams.

When Boebert publicly opposed the closure orders issued by Colorado’s Democratic governor, Jared Polis, she received much media attention. Even though Polis had issued a stay-at-home order for the state, Boebert reopened her restaurant for dine-in customers. Boebert was given a “stop and desist” order by Garfield County, where the restaurant is located, instructing him to close the business immediately.

Lauren Boebert resorted to social media to vocally complain when the lockdowns in her state began. However, She was adamant that she would not let her family business close. Instead, she set up outdoor seating by relocating tables to the sidewalk and parking lots in front of the restaurant.

Boebert was infuriated that local politicians had ignored the needs of the people of Garfield County by requesting a waiver for neighboring Mesa County. She had already announced that her establishment would only operate at 30% capacity and that all staff members would be required to wear face masks.

Even Lauren also committed to going above and above in her cleaning duties to ensure the establishment’s cleanliness at all times. Unfortunately for Boebert, her food license would be revoked by Garfield County not long after she relocated her eatery outdoors. However, within weeks, the state decided to allow in-person dining in restaurants, but only if they maintained a 50% occupancy rate.

However, Lauren Boebert filings said the eatery lost $226,000 that year. Some sites say that Shooter’s Grill and Smokehouse 1776 are “now defunct,” while others don’t mention them. Whether she sold the restaurant or stopped operating is unknown. At the Rifle Creek Golf Course, Boebert launched the third eatery he named Putters. There was a sale of this eatery in 2016.

Lauren Boebert Relationship

In June of 2007, Jayson and Lauren Boebert were married, and they have four sons.

Lauren Boebert Husband

Lauren Boebert Quotes

Lauren Boebert Quotes

The American people no longer subsidize the legal representation of illegal immigrants who cross the southern border in violation of the law and then stay in the country.

Lauren Boebert Social Media

As an American politician, activist, and businesswoman, Lauren Boebert net worth has amassed in her wealth is $41 million with over $5 million in annual income. As an activist, Lauren-Boebert uses social media to inspire and direct dialogue with others. Using the handle @Repboebert, she has amassed a following of roughly 120k people on Instagram.

Lauren keeps her 669,1k Twitter followers updated on her ideas via @laurenboebert. A million people have liked her Lauren for Congress Facebook page.

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