Lil’ Kim Slays BET Awards 2022 Performance In Crop Top & Tights

On June 26, Kimberlie Denise Jones, best known by her stage name, Lil’ Kim, wowed the audience at BET Awards 2022 by wearing the most exquisite black crop top. This year’s most talked-about fashion outfit was her dramatic cut-out top and translucent black leggings.

The American rapper was glimpsed on the red carpet, but her performance on Sunday doubled her effect. It was the perfect accessory for the reality star’s impeccable style: a pair of monochrome sunglasses. On this lady, the only non-black hue was the dyed-blue strands in her unkempt locks.

Lil’ Kim Performed In BET Awards 2022 With A Tribute To Queen Latifah

However, with her sexiest fit of the evening, she lighted up the show and left an indelible impression on the audience.

He performed a nostalgic tribute to Diddy for the Lifetime Achievement Award that BET presented to him this year. As part of their performance, Faith Evans, Jodeci, Maverick City Music, Nas, Busta Rhymes, and Bryson Tiller were all featured in a slew of medleys. Celebrating Diddy’s Lifetime Achievement, a star-studded concert was organized to honor his accomplishments.

Mary J. Blige, who received the BET HER awards later that evening, joined the group. While the homage was well-executed, the audience gave it a standing ovation as they hummed along to the music.

Lil' Kim Slays  BET Awards 2022 Performance In Crop Top & Tights

The name “Lil’ Kim” has been a staple at the BET Awards for years. The 47-year-old rapper has been nominated for seven Grammy Awards during her long career in the music industry.

In the year 2021, Kim performed a homage to Queen Latifah, an American rapper, actress, and singer. This is the first time she has done so. This isn’t the first time the fashion mogul has grabbed the attention of the public, as she has also been able to secure a spot in the headlines for her previous performance.

50 Cent, Lil’ Kim’s longtime nemesis, tweeted a meme on Instagram after the 2021 ceremony in which he compared Kim’s dress to that of an “Owl. On top of that, she called out 50 Cent on Instagram for making fun of her request to let things be as they are since they both have significant partners now and the positive rapper didn’t give a damn about it.

After dating from 2012 to 2014, Lil’ Kim and Mr. Papers went on a six-year break. In 2020, a source revealed that the ex-couple had rekindled their romance and is currently said to be in a relationship.

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