Luciana Pedraza Net Worth, Age, Height, Wedding, Images, Relation With Robert Duvall

Luciana Pedraza, an Argentinian actress, producer, and director, is best known as the wife of American actor and filmmaker Steven Spielberg. Wild Horses and Assassination Tango are two of her best-known works.

Robert Duvall And Luciana Pedraza Tangoned Married Life

Following her marriage to Robert Duvall, Luciana Pedraza became a household name. They’ve worked together on several projects for decades and have a strong friendship, and their birthdays are also congruent.

Luciana Pedraza Net Worth, Age, Height, Wedding, Images, Relation With Robert Duvall

Aside from being an actor, she is also a director in Argentina. She rose to stardom as an American actress after marrying Robert Duvall, an American actor.

When it comes to her ancestry, she comes from a respectable one. Her Argentine aviation pioneer grandmother, Susana Ferrari Billinghurst, influenced her passion for flight. As a result, her ancestry seems to be solid. She was born in Salta and raised in Jujuy.

Date of birth5 January 1972
Height170 cm
Weight52 kg
Net worth$10 million
Zodiac signCapricorn

Quick Facts About Luciana Pedraza

  • The Robert Duvall Children’s Fund was established in 2001 by Luciana and Robert Duvall to assist the poor children and families of Northern Argentina.
  • As a result of these collaborations, the non-profit organization has been able to broaden its scope and help children and families globe.
  • In addition to Pro Mujer, a non-profit that aims to help the poorest women in Latin America by providing micro-credit, business training, and linkages to health care, they have several other organizations.

Luciana Pedraza Age & Early Life Explored

At the time of this writing, she is 47 years old. She stands at 5ft 6 inches. On January 5, 1972, Luciana Pedraza was born and raised in the province of Jujuy, Argentina, together with her four sisters.

Her biological parents’ identities remain a mystery. Pedraza is the sister-in-law of William DuVall and John Duvall, two American singers. Her nationality is Argentine, and she is of mixed heritage.

Luciana Pedraza Net Worth And Career

Working in the entertainment sector for a long time has resulted in an impressive salary. She has a substantial sum of money in the bank. Sold West Hollywood mansion purchased by Luciana Pedraza and

Robert Duvall for $1.125 million for $1.6 million. It was a wonderful home. In addition, the house featured a high ceiling and hardwood flooring, an open floor design, and two bedrooms.

Luciana Pedraza’s Husband And Kids

Her name is Luciana Pedraza, and she is married. On January 5, 1972, she married Robert Duvall, a famed actor. While walking down the street in 1996, she approached the actor and asked him to a party without knowing who he was. After some time, the pair began dating, and their affection grew.

After a lengthy romance, the couple began dating in the late ’90s and wed in 2005. Since then, they’ve been happily married and have two children. In contrast, Pedraza and her husband Robert have not yet had a child. In Argentina’s northwest, Salta Province is where the couple presently lives.


Famed for her marriage to Robert Duvall, Argentine actress, and filmmaker Luciana Pedraza has a devoted following. Assassination Tango and Wild Horses are just a few of her notable films on which she and her husband have collaborated. Each of them was born on the same day, 41 years apart. She was active in various non-profits before her time in the entertainment industry.


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