Luis Ruelas, Teresa Guidice’s Fiancé, Is Accused Of Pushing His Ex-Wife

Fans of ‘The Real Housewives’ of New Jersey are startled by the past deeds of Luis Ruelas. His ex-wife was allegedly forced into a metal pole, as per the story.

Teresa Guidice’s Fiancé Luis Ruelas Allegedly Pushed Her Ex-Husband

One after another information is rising on the surface against Luis Ruelas. Teresa Guidice’s fiancé is on the hot seat in public court. Teresa is rumoured to be a pawn in his plan to capitalise on her notoriety.

It is considered that there is more mystery to be revealed.

Luis Ruelas, Teresa Guidice's Fiancé, Is Accused Of Pushing His Ex-Wife

Ex-girlfriend Accused Luis Ruelas Of Being ‘Sex-Obsessed’

Teresa’s new boyfriend, Luis, is not a good man and not a good catch for Teresa. More sleuths are working to learn more about Luis’s disappearance. But they are more concerned about Teresa’s future. It’s been a year since Teresa Guidice and Luis Ruelas started dating.

Fans hoped that the duo would make their paradise in the future. Teresa, the four children’s mother, is not blessed with the man as his ex-girlfriend reported that he is a sex-obsessed man.

For not having sex four times a day, she was scolded by him. He was almost always ravenous.

Court filings indicate that Luis’ future is bleak, at least in the short term. There is little hope for the 46-year-old man’s professional future at this point.

More Accusations Have Been Levelled At Luis Ruelas

He was accused of sexual assault by a former girlfriend who was also a victim. When she refuses to have sexual relations with Luis, he becomes enraged.

In addition, he punishes her, becomes mean, and withdraws from her. After that, he blamed her for what happened. He wanted to be able to call on her at any time. She retaliated in kind.

Teresa’s criminal record is readily apparent in her past records.

Teresa, based on previous records, was also involved in illegal activity. Teresa and Joe Giudice were married in 1999 and went on to have four children together. They had a very comfortable lifestyle. There were highs and lows in their relationship, just as in any other.

On the other hand, Joe was known for berating Teresa anytime he spoke to someone on the phone. They were busted for fraud in 2014.

Teresa was sentenced to 11 months in prison, while Joe received a sentence of 41 months.

In 2016, they filed for divorce. After her release from prison, Teresa’s mother died of a heart attack.

Luis Ruelas approached her with a business card and asked for her phone number after she had been alone for three years. That’s how their romance gets started.

RHONJ’s last season showed that she and her boyfriend had a secret relationship all along.

After a long time, Teresa’s fans began to believe she had finally found the soul she had been searching for. When Luis was accused of wrongdoing, everything went sideways.

His ex-wife, Luis’s ex-wife, did not intend to bring charges against him, according to all of the paperwork.

Former lovers claimed he was sexually obsessed and punished her for refusing to engage in sexual activity with him, according to his ex-girlfriends.

More allegations are being made as the case moves forward. He’s currently being masked by his admirers.

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