Evidence’ Suggests Master P’s Daughter Died Of Drug Overdose

Evidence' Suggests Master P's Daughter Died Of Drug Overdose

Tytyana Miller, 29, died in May, as previously reported. Master P claimed he and his family were “suffering from an enormous loss” following the death in a message posted to Instagram over the weekend. P stated at the time, “Mental illness and substance misuse is a genuine issue that we can’t be hesitant to talk about.”

Cops Found Drug Paraphernalia At Scene

According to TMZ, drug paraphernalia was discovered at the scene of Tytyana’s death, indicating that it may have killed her, but there were no narcotics present. The autopsy has been done, but toxicology results will take several weeks, according to our sources.

Evidence' Suggests Master P's Daughter Died Of Drug Overdose

Even in previously held situations, some of the drugs were detected to be quite a killer. Our law enforcement sources tell us there’s no indication it’s linked to Tytyana’s death right now, but if it comes back positive in toxicology, LAPD investigators will go into overdrive to figure out who supplied the narcotics.

Master P, original name Percy Robert Miller Sr. is a 55-year-old famous American rapper and record executive born and brought up in Central City, New Orleans. He was the founder of a very famous record label that included many famous artists. The record label previously went by the name No Limit Records and then by the name New No Limit Records after relaunching. He also founded a television network that did not live for a long while. He was married to Sonya Miller for 24 years long until she sued for divorce. Master P announced over the holiday weekend that he had lost Tytyana, his daughter, as we had reported.

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On Wednesday, TMZ reported that “early evidence” shows Miller died of an overdose, citing law enforcement sources. Paraphernalia was located at the scene, but “no substances” were recovered, according to the report. While an autopsy has been reported as completed, toxicological information has yet to be released. There is also no evidence now pointing to fentanyl, which has been a commonly mentioned topic in the aftermath of recent overdoses.

On Wednesday, Master P released a new statement about his daughter’s passing, thanking people who have shown their condolences. P believes that the only way to heal is, to tell the truth. He also said that when children become adults protecting them becomes hard and they choose with whom they develop their relationships, be it healthy or unhealthy.

“We appreciate all of the prayers, love, and support,” Tytyana’s brother, Romeo Miller, wrote on Facebook, adding, “and although this is a terrible moment, I’m forever glad for the memories I did have with my lovely sister.”

Even while he grieves, Master P thinks about the families who have been in similar situations; losing a loved one is very painful and he is now thinking about everyone in pain. He puts his faith in God and trusts him, knowing that no one is immune to suffering or death. He says he is going to celebrate his daughter’s life instead of mourning. The saddening death of his daughter, who was loving, inspirational, and artistic, has affected the whole family. Tytyana was just 29 years old.

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