‘Masters of the Universe’ Filmmakers Aaron And Adam Nee Reveal Their Inspiring Source Material

The filmmaker brothers Aaron and Adam Nee are on the hunt for their next prize now that they’ve found

the keys to “The Lost City,” the smash romantic adventure comedy starring Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum.

Filmmakers Aaron And Adam Nee Reveal Their Inspiring Source Material

After directing “The Lost City,” the Nees is gearing up to take on another sci-fi franchise with “Masters of the Universe,” a long-awaited live-action film.

 Aaron And Adam Nee

“Masters of the Universe,” scheduled for release in 2023, has a long history, beginning as a Mattel toy line in 1981.

As a result, “Masters of the Universe” has become a worldwide multimedia franchise that includes comic books, video games, an animated film, and several animated television series, including the most recent

iteration from filmmaker Kevin Smith…A living being-action “Masters of the Universe” film starring Dolph Lundgren and Frank Langella was also released in 1987.

As a result, Mattel has been working to bring “Masters of the Universe” back to the big screen in the form of a live-action film

. Meanwhile, the Nee Brothers, who hail from the independent film world, are gearing up for their most ambitious project: a Netflix original movie.

The Nee Brothers’ Passion For “Masters Of The Universe” Starts With The Franchise’s Toys.

According to the Nee brothers, who spoke with Looper about their work on “The Lost City,” the “Masters

of the Universe” action figures were childhood favorites. They claimed that those dolls and action figures were partially to blame for their current professions.

Aaron Nee said, “We’re stoked to be working on ‘Masters of the Universe.'” A formative part of our

development as storytellers and world builders was playing with those toys as children, and we hope to capture the joy and empowerment that comes from playing in this way on the big screen in our new film.

Kyle Allen, best known for his roles in West Side Story and American Horror Story, has been cast as He-Man in “Masters of the Universe,” but the rest of the cast has yet to be revealed.

After working with Channing and Brad Pitt in The Lost City, are the brothers tempted to invite them into the “universe”?

Collaboration Of Nee Brother

For their collaboration on short and feature films, music videos for bands like A Fine Frenzy and Terrene, and their work as a filmmaking team, Adam and Aaron have been recognized as an award-winning duo in

the film industry. At the 29th Starz Denver Film Festival, Aaron and Adam Nee’s film “The Last Romantic” took home the Emerging Filmmakers Award for Aaron and Adam Nee.

With “an impressive and charming central performance and an eccentric and hilarious supporting cast, this film is also the rare work by a first-time filmmaker that is both very funny and extremely smart,” the festival said.


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