After Meghan Markle’s Unscheduled Visit To Uvalde, Her Estranged Half-Brother Made A Cynical Comment

After Meghan Markle's Unscheduled Visit To Uvalde, Her Estranged Half-Brother Made A Cynical Comment

Meghan Markle’s half-brother told her to “give her father a little help” when the Duchess paid an impromptu visit to Uvalde, but she hasn’t seen him since his stroke.

An Estranged Half-Brother Made A Sarcastic Comment Following Meghan Markle’s Unscheduled Visit To Uvalde

Thomas Markle Jr, his older half-brother, remarked that his journey to the scene of the horrific Texas school shooting was “the most insensitive issue I’ve ever seen.”

The Duchess of Sussex flew thousands of miles to Uvalde, Texas, to pay her respects to the nineteen students and instructors who were cruelly died in a mass kidnapping last week

The 55-year-old added that he believed the trip was a “publicity stunt” and appealed to him to “prevent the cruel PR onslaught” and help his estranged father, Thomas Markle, who was recently discharged from the clinic after suffering a stroke.

After Meghan Markle's Unscheduled Visit To Uvalde, Her Estranged Half-Brother Made A Cynical Comment

Dan Wootton was interviewed. Thomas Jr. said on GB News tonight that his father was unsatisfied since he had planned to travel to the United Kingdom for the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations, which the 77-year-old is unable to undertake due to his stroke recovery.

Meghan, 40, was reported to be “trying to repair the four-year rift” with her estranged father earlier this week. However, she became interested in the engagement of her half-siblings Thomas Jr and Samantha because “He thinks they’ve, their agendas.”

When speaking with Dan Wootton, her older brother, Thomas Jr., got vehement in his displeasure with her, claiming she had made no attempt to approach him or their father.

On May 26, Meghan Markle places a bouquet of white flowers in front of the Uvalde County Courthouse’s memorial. It was “the most insensitive part I’ve ever experienced in my life,” according to her half-brother.

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“It looks like an exposure stunt,” he said when asked about Meghan’s trip to Uvalde by the presenter. She needs others to believe she’s trying to sort things out as a parent.

‘I have no idea what her schedule is, but she’s dead wrong.’ It’s the most callous aspect I’ve ever witnessed in my life.’ That short stroll you took as if you were on stage? She simply wants to improve her appearance.

“Stop the brutal PR attack,” Thomas Jr. said when asked if he had a message for his half-sister. He steps in and, in fact, offers a few assists if you need to spread a few loves and aid for my father.’

Meghan Markle is said to need to reconnect with her estranged father in order to repair their four-year estrangement, but she is concerned about her half-siblings’ intentions.

Thomas Jr. has been providing his father with unbroken care since the retired lighting fixtures director suffered a terrible stroke a week ago that rendered him dumb.

‘My father is here, inside the room with me,’ Thomas Jr stated at the presentation. He must express his genuine willingness to wait until the Jubilee celebrations. He sincerely wants to be present, and he extends his warmest greetings to the Queen.

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