Melissa Soria’s Birthday, Age, Relationship, Net Worth, Wiki, Instagram

If you are interested in modeling then you must have heard the name of Mellisa Soria. Mellisa Soria is one of the most famous media personalities in the whole world. Mellisa Soria is very much popular among people and people are often seeing searching about her, her age, her net worth, her relationship, her life, and many other things about her life all over the internet.

Know About MelissaSoria And Her Early Life

Melissa Soria is a very well-known and popular American model. Mellisa Soria has been one of the cover girls for the “Playboy magazine” as well. In the year 2010, Mellisa Soria was first presented in the magazine and had been presented numerous times in the same year.

Melissa Soria's Birthday, Age, Relationship, Net Worth, Wiki, Instagram

Aside from that, Mellisa Soria has also been a member of the Lil Dicky music video known as, ‘Rosana’ and “White Dude”. Priorly, Mellisa Soria took part in Hawaiian beauty pageants as a contestant as well and started out her career in modeling from those beauty contests.

Melissa Soria was born on 6th of the month of November of the year 1987, in Stockton, California. Her birth in Stockton, California makes her nationality an American. She grew up along with a pair of siblings whose names are not in the media as of now.

There is minor information about her parents and childhood as well. But, what we know is she is that she co pleated her high schooling graduation in the year 2005 and then went to a local college to pursue her higher studies.

At first, Mellisa Soria started out her career as a bartender and also worked as a receptionist. After her college graduation, she started off modeling and first bagged some little projects for calendars and magazines. Her minor projects were until the year 2010 when she became famous after being presented in the Playboy magazine.

Date of birth6th November 1987
Height5′ 2”
Weight55 kg
Net worth$700,000
Zodiac signScorpio

Quick Facts About Melissa Soria

  • Mellisa Soria is professionally known as Mellisa Marine.
  • Mellisa Soria has worked as a bartender and as a receptionist as well.
  • Mellisa Soria is an expert in nutrition.

Age of the Melissa Soria

According to the sources media, the birthday of the model, Mellisa Soria falls on the 6th of the month of November every year and in 2022 she is going to complete 35 years of her life. The birth year of the entrepreneur is 1987.

Interesting Facts About Melissa Soria

  • Mellisa Soria is a single mother.
  • Mellisa Soria has made her appearance in two of the music videos.
  • Mellisa Soria’s Boyfriend/husband
  • Mellisa Soria is the kind of person who likes to keep her life very private thus the media and the sources do not have a clear-cut answer to her relationship status.

Net Worth And Career Of Melissa Soria

Mellisa Moria started her career in the year 2010. She gained recognition and fame when she worked for the Playboy Magzine. The net worth of the model is over $700,000.


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