My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 322 Release Date, Spoilers & Preview

My Wife Is A Demon Queen signifies the actions of the demon queen to save the Demon tribe and how she cast a noticeable impact on the Demon King. Lilian, the Queen, will apply the monstrous powers in the next Chapter to persuade the King of Demon to take some drastic actions after explaining her master plans.

My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 322 Is Going To Be Released!

The King finally understands what his Queen wishes to do and agrees to the plan. Both of them knew how eagerly the Demon Tribe’s King wanted to defeat Elisabeth and her companion Xiang Ye.

My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 322 Release Date

Hence, the makers will be able to arouse curiosity among the audience when the hidden intention of the vice Demon Queen comes to the public. She also wanted the same powers as the King.

Chapter 322 will be released soon, where the viewers will witness the rebirth of the King of Demons. The King will assure the Queen that he wants to be her right hand in all future endeavors. It was a sign of showing gratitude to his lady love and that he always feels proud to be on her team.

Furthermore, he expressed that the entire Demon Tribe is going to witness better days under his leadership. Now, what happens next is the primary thing to notice in the Chapter. Will the Queen agree to the King’s proposal?

Some Information About The Previous Chapter

It can be difficult to understand Chapter 322 if one has not gone through the previous Chapter 321. The adventures of Yi Bei and Xiang Ye took a different turn when they entered the palace. Moreover, Xiang was shocked to see that his statue was not there.

Confusion was also there in their mind about their activities with Penny. They listened to her story and tried to figure out the actual event. However, on the other hand, Penny could not trust Xiang. What can be the reason for that? Yi Bei smelled something fishy in the behavior of the knights.

So, she wanted to alert Xiang Ye that they could be in trouble. However, Xiang will soon receive special news from the King. The next chapter begins with the same flow in which the last chapter ended.

Chapter 322 To Mesmerize The Audience Soon

The ghost guy who wears a hood is sure that the King of Demon Tribe will kill Xiang Ye, no matter what. However, here lies the real twist of the story. When the Demon Tribe is against this guy Xiang, the Queen is not ready to harm him.

After understanding the intentions of the King, she ordered the troop of Demons to reach the Human Empire. She wanted Xiang Ye to come in front of her eyes.

You will see Yi Bei uniting with the Demon tribe. The biggest secret comes in front of everybody that YI Bei is Isabella, and she is also a Demon by birth. Therefore, the Queen is ready to forgive Xiang Ye and thank him for bringing Isabella safe and sound.

However, at the end of the Chapter, you will find that Xiang is driving the Demon Tribe after him to reveal another secret. To know the full story, check the official websites to read the latest Chapter. The intriguing plot is already out on 31st December 2021. Therefore, you can catch it now.


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